Tuesday, August 26, 2008

random thoughts:

going to be a busier semester than i thought, which sucks.

tv must suck every august when the olympics aren't on.

is ben gordon worth $10mil/season? i think so

who is the team USA mvp - kobe or d-wade? i'd love to throw props to the chicago-native, (and his numbers were ridiculous) ... but it's got to be kobe. he set the tone for a team (and an entire basketball nation) in desparate need of an identity. kobe took a lot of shots for a "defensive stopper" but he showed in the gold medal games why the comparisons to MJ were thrown around.

side note: the comparisons are a joke. MJ is the best there ever was, and no one is close. would MJ's team ever lose a finals game when they were up 24? i don't even need to make the argument ...

usain bolt is ridiculous ...
Bolt's incredible performance could reset how fast researchers believe humans ultimately can run.

so is michael phelps ...
If Phelps were a country, he'd have finished 22nd in the medals standings.

best commercial ever?

maybe not ...

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