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Bulls "pretty much done"
Roster stable for now: Things appear to be quiet on the trade front, although as long as Carlos Boozer is still in Utah and New York's David Lee remains unsigned, there is still a chance for the Bulls to make a significant move.

Boozer is going to leave the Jazz sooner or later, but if Utah can't find a way to trim its payroll in a deal, he could stay on the roster into next season.

"We're still in contact with a number of teams," GM Gar Forman said. "We're always exploring ways we can get better. At the same time, we like our young core. We like where we're at. We thought the rookies (James Johnson and Taj Gibson) made nice progress in the summer league.

"The majority of our core is back from last season. I think Jannero (Pargo) is going to help. Really, John (Salmons) and Brad (Miller) having been with us and going through a full training camp is going to help us. For the most part, I think we're pretty much done."

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Monster load of Bulls links ...

... that actually don't say very much of anything.

10 best recent NBA rookies -

Derrick Rose

Rookie Stats: 47.5% fg, 16.8 ppg, 3.9 rpg, 6.3 apg

I'm sorry about that last slide Rose lovers. I do have respect for Rose, but I think that people are kind of overhyping him. But anyway this native of Chicago has everyone believing that he can carry them back to prominence. He has freakish athleticism and speed. He helped the Bulls make their way back into the playoffs as the seventh seed. He is the reigning Rookie of the Year as he won the award decisively. One thing that still lingers on in my mind that worries me about Rose is that he depends heavily on his speed and athleticism in games. So much that he could end up being another Steve Francis, meaning that his style of play could end up making him injury prone. But, I'm just being paranoid.

His favorite player growing up was probably: Michael Jordan

Don't get your hopes up for WADE & ROSE in 2010 -

Dwyane Wade is currently in Los Angeles trying to help the Miami Heat obtain a huge piece to help the franchise in Lamar Odom.

I find it hard to believe that Odom would be taking this much time and "strongly considering" choosing the Heat unless Wade had convinced Odom that he was in Miami for the long run.

Wade has recently said on his Twitter page that he is "in LA to bring Odom bac to Miami with me."

This should be good news for all fans of the Heat because Wade seems very committed to improving this franchise for the long haul.

Eastern Conference fact-or-fiction

Chicago should get in on the Boozer Sweepstakes.

Fiction: I talked with Terrell about this a few weeks ago and I was on the bandwagon. He wants Bosh. I've come around...sort of. I think they should do nothing. Send Tim Thomas to a Big Man Camp and teach him some low box moves. I think he and Joakim will be cheap to sign long term, keeping them financially flexible, and they both have craploads of potential. Why give up on them now? Add to the fact that they now have a PG that can make plays (2 more years like last year and he may jump over Chris Paul for me...maybe...). I think I would just stand pat unless I can get Bosh on a fire sale.

D-Rose at USA mini-camp

The NBA can take the kid out of you pretty fast.

Derrick Rose is learning that.

Rose effectively began his second year of NBA life here Thursday trying out for a spot on the USA Basketball team that will play in the World Championships in Turkey in 2010 and the 2012 Olympics in London.

“I wanted to be there (last year when the U.S. team won the 2008 gold medal), on that podium,” said Rose, who said he stayed up with his mom into the early morning hours watching the Olympics. “It makes you want to come out here and be a part of this. You are competing against the world. I wouldn’t care if I started or not. Just to be out here competing with these guys, hopefully I’ll do good and be selected. I’ll do anything they want me to do, sacrifice scoring whatever. I just want to be on the team.”

Rose had a good first day, his shot looking better after what he said were all day shooting sessions since the playoffs and running the break nicely in drills with buddy Kevin Durant, who stood out and seems a lock to be added to the team.

Trade rumors that should have gone thru -

3. Carlos Boozer to Chicago, Kirk Hinrich to Blazers, Tyrus Thomas to Utah
I’m not going to harp on the Bulls for letting Ben Gordon walk and I’m also not going to fault the Pistons for signing him (though I’m not sure he’s worth 11 million a season). Sure, he was Chicago’s leading scorer last year (and they’ve made a habit of getting rid of their leading scorers) but he also didn’t make the Bulls a better team per se. Hence, If Boozer headed to Chicago, he and Derrick Rose would make an incredible 1-2 punch in the Central Division and Chicago wouldn’t miss Gordon one bit. With a healthy Luol Deng, a much-improved John Salmons, and a more mature Joakim Noah, that team would be fun to watch in the East.

The only piece in this rumored trade I ever cared about is Boozer to Chicago. Hinrich isn’t much better (if at all) than Steve Blake and Tyrus Thomas being coached by Jerry Sloan is just comical. Boozer would immediately make an impact on that Chicago team, and I’d take Boozer’s points and rebounds over Gordon’s points and inconsistency any day of the week.

Summer 2010 and taxes -

Could, in the end, the biggest barrier to the Bulls attracting a major free agent next summer like Dwyane Wade be the health care legislation now being debated in Washington?

Let’s face it. The prize next summer is Wade. LeBron James seems almost certain to remain in Cleveland given the weak state of the New York Knicks’ roster and uncertainty regarding the moving plans of the New Jersey Nets, supposedly James’ two speculated destinations. And do you really want to give a maximum contract to Chris Bosh, who doesn’t seem to impact winning very much? It seemed to me Bosh had a much better roster last season than Wade’s in Miami and the Heat was far better than the Raptors. And the reason why Wade could well move is that roster. There’s no way given how much Wade had to do last season that he could hold up carrying a team like that. It’s why you figure Miami is so desperate to make a major move now and why Wade, seemingly, has challenged them to do so.

Michael Beasley was at the USA Basketball mini-camp in Las Vegas Saturday hanging out in the media and family area after the scrimmage. He was the most obvious omission among the young players invited to try out for the Olympic team. Beasley couldn’t have been more gracious after the game staying around and signing autographs for everyone who asked. But he also was wearing his shorts so low you got way too much of a view of his underwear as he walked away. I know it was Vegas, but leave something to imagination. That streak of insouciance coupled with extreme immaturity suggests Miami has work to do with its roster to appease Wade.

And now comes the health care legislation, and you wonder what that has to do with anything?

The answer is taxes. The closest anyone seems to a plan now to pay for the changes is to tax the so-called rich. That would include just about every player in the NBA. I know we’re not supposed to feel sorry for rich people and assume they have so much that giving up more doesn’t matter. It does, just as comfortable people in the middle class with two cars and a nice health club membership don’t want to pay more taxes, either, even though they can afford to.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


DC already linked, but congrats on finishing out Paul Shirley's chat yesterday -
Dan (Chicago)
wait, the AD movie is a go? I just blue myself.

Paul Shirley
There's gotta be a better way to say that...

A sad day for me: I need a new favorite player on the White Sox because BA got traded -
Earlier in the afternoon, the White Sox traded Brian Anderson to the Red Sox for Mark Kotsay, who was designated for assignment by Boston last week.

Kotsay can play both the outfield and first base, so he'll bring some versatility to the bench. This move almost certainly means that Josh Fields will be sent to Charlotte, as the Sox really won't have a use for him now that they have a backup first baseman.

JE Skeets (from The Basketball Jones) tweeted (@jeskeets if you want to follow him) this video today. It's a fast break to perfection ...

Downloads: Views: 1148

Also, click here to follow BullBearSock on Twitter

Bill Simmons touched on the Bulls in his column yesterday -
6. Live? "American Woman"? The most brilliant piece of gobbledygook ever! Give me some white light hot heat! (Picks up an album.) IGGY POP!!! Aaaaaa-men!

To my three favorite sneaky-good moves this summer ...


Jannero Pargo, one year, terms not disclosed (Chicago): A poor man's Ben Gordon who catches fire off the bench every so often. Please, Chicago, don't do anything else! You had a nice run this past spring and created an identity for yourself, and you have Luol Deng coming back to take Gordon's minutes. Let this thing breathe. Let the kids run around and do their thing. You have plenty of time. And here's why I'm saying this ...

7. Tell him, you know, it's a think piece about a midlevel band struggling with their own limitations in the harsh face of stardom. He'll wet himself.

According to NBA history, the Bulls will struggle coming out of the gate as this season's enticing "Watch out for these guys!" team that surprised in the previous playoffs, receives a little too much attention and briefly self-combusts the next season (copyright: 2007-08 Warriors). Again, let it breathe, Chicago. Thank you.


22. Act 1, in which she pretends she doesn't care about him. Act 2, in which he pretends he doesn't care about her, but he goes right for her. Act 3, in which it all plays out the way she planned it. She'll eat him alive.

To Carlos Boozer and Pat Riley. I don't know who's "he" and "she" in this scenario -- really, they could play either part -- but somebody's getting eaten alive. They deserve each other. (Can two people stab each other in the back if they're both staring right at each other waiting for the other to turn around? It's a great question.) By the way, I wish we could bet on things like "Dwyane Wade will be a Knick or a Bull 12 months from now."

Too bad the White Sox were terrible between his starts, Buehrle follows PERFECT GAME by dominating Twins thru 5 -

Chicago White Sox ace Mark Buehrle has set a major league record by retiring 45 straight batters.

Coming off a perfect game in his last start against Tampa Bay, Buehrle retired the first 17 Minnesota Twins batters to surpass the record of 41 straight set by and San Francisco's Jim Barr in 1972 and tied by teammate Bobby Jenks, a reliever, in 2007.

Buehrle retired 27 in a row against the Rays in his last start, then breezed through the first five innings against the Twins to break the record.

His bid for a second consecutive perfect game ended with a walk to Alexi Casilla on a close call with two outs in the sixth. The Metrodome crowd stood and cheered Buehrle. Then Denard Span followed with a single to break up the no-hitter.

The Twins flashed the record on the main scoreboard.

I feel so accomplished today

Scored the sign off comment in Paul Shirley's live chat today...he played on the Bulls so it's relevant to BBS.
Double points for being an Arrested Development quote.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Buehrle wins AL POW -
Chicago White Sox left-hander Mark Buehrle, who threw the 16th perfect game in modern Major League history in a 5-0 win over the Tampa Bay Rays at U.S. Cellular Field on Thursday, has been named the American League Player of the Week.

The 30-year-old Buehrle recorded six strikeouts in becoming the first pitcher ever to throw a perfect game against a defending League champion. Buehrle's gem required just two hours and three minutes overall. The four-time A.L. All-Star recorded baseball's first perfect game since Randy Johnson accomplished the feat with the Arizona Diamondbacks on May 18, 2004.

The Missouri native achieved the 17th no-hitter and only the second perfect game in White Sox history, joining Charles Roberston (4/30/22). This marks Mark's second career weekly award (previous: 4/23/2007).

Most interesting part of this article?? The Title calls Luol Deng an "NBA Superstar": NBA superstar Luol Deng set to miss GB's autumn games

Your 2009-2010 Bulls Roster -
With Andre Miller officially signing with the trailblazers and Aaron Gray's qualifying offer now guaranteed, it appears the Chicago Bulls are done for the summer with roster moves.
Miller's signing ends the Blazers possible pursuit of Kirk Hinrich which ends our ability to save Utah significant money in a Boozer trade.

Aaron gray will be in limbo for a little bit searching out a better situation or more money, but he's unlikely to find either. So after he's certain that he's exhausted all possibilities, which may actually take a considerable period of time as he has nothing to lose now, Aaron Gray will return to the team.

In guard to forward order:
Derrick Rose
Kirk Hinrich
Jannero Pargo
Lindsay Hunter
John Salmons
Luol Deng
James Johnson
Tyrus Thomas
Taj Gibson
Joakim Noah
Brad Miller
Aaron Gray
Jerome James

Could there be another move left? Anything is possible, but I'd place the odds as 80%+ that the Bulls enter the regular season with this roster.

NBA's Greatest _____. I think MJ could have taken about all of these categories, but I'm OK with "Greatest Winner."

Love this kid, L-O-V-E. D-Rose being productive this summer -
Rose takes about 500 jumpers six days a week when he and McClanaghan are in the gym with other players like Oklahoma City Thunder guard Russell Westbrook(notes). When they’re alone, that number doubles.

McClanaghan said he’s seen Rose gain more confidence. Del Negro has noticed a change, as well.

“When you put in the time and the effort, good things usually happen,” Del Negro said.

In addition to improving his midrange jumper, Rose hopes to show next season he can also become a respectable 3-point threat. Combine that with his quickness, and opposing teams will have more reason to sweat when facing him.

Said Rose: “I’m going to be tough to guard.”

I hope our front-court guys are working as hard as D-Rose this summer.

And apparently Rose was showing off the new J at the Team USA minicamp -
1. Third Point Guard/Team Leader: Brandon Roy
First of all, the need for another team leader will not be necessary from 2010-12, given that the "Great Eight" will all be solid veterans; Kidd's leadership was deemed to be necessary in 2007-08 because of the team's youth.

And no, Brandon Roy's not a point guard, either. But the team certainly has enough players who can initiate offense (including Roy, if added) that it won't be necessary to add a true point guard, so you just can't ignore a guy who is this damn good.

He is just 25 years old (as of Thursday - happy b'day, B), yet he has already become arguably the 7th-best player in basketball. Seemingly a 10-year vet when he walked into the league, Roy plays within himself to an extent that there's very little ego that will need to be left at the door, and he would represent the program with class off the court.

Roy has withdrawn from the mini-camp, however, apparently because of the strange delay in the negotiation of his contract extension with the Blazers. He will be the most prominent of several players with legitimate designs on a roster spot to skip the camp - it'll be interesting to see how that affects the standing of these players in the eyes of Mssrs. Colangelo and K.

Other Contenders
The addition of Roy seems like it would make it difficult for Derrick Rose to make the team, just because of positional needs (see below). However, Rose is attending the mini-camp, and Colangelo was brilliant in 2006 in having a sharp eye for emerging guys like CP3 and Dwight Howard who would be superstars by 2008. It'll be interesting to how Rose is handled with the national team, given that he seems like he'll be elite by 2012, if he isn't already, and it'd seem they'd want to get a point guard groomed for 2014-16 - it's just hard to find room.

Rajon Rondo is missing the camp because he is in Kendrick Perkins's wedding, which can't help his cause for a spot. Rondo and Rose could both stand to improve their shooting to help their causes, of course, although the venerable Sam Smith tweeted today that "Drose didnt miss a j in drills. said taking 700 a day."

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Enough White Sox ...

... Back to the Bulls.

State of the Bulls
For the most part, the consensus is Chicago did the smart thing by letting him walk because Gordon just isn't worth that kind of dough, but despite that there is still the issue of how the Bulls replace 20 points a night.

Fret not, Bulls fans. Those points are there.

John Salmons is the easy answer here. In 2008-09 he averaged a career-high 18.3ppg and proved in the playoffs that he's capable of blowing up for huge games. Granted, he started at the three with the Bulls because Luol Deng was hurt and Gordon was the shooting guard, but this season he'll slip into the two as Deng returns.

Last season, Salmons and Gordon combined for 42.6 ppg, while Salmons and Deng combined for 32.4ppg. Even if we assume Deng and Salmons don't pick up some of that difference next season, new Bulls GM Gar Foreman brought in some offense for the bench in Jannero Pargo, who averaged 8.1 and 9.2 points a night in his last two NBA seasons with the Hornets. And Pargo only cost $2 million to bring in.

David Lee on the Bulls?! -

Details remain scarce, but David Lee's name is finally starting to come up again more often now that pretty much all the top unrestricted free agents apart from Odom and Andre Miller have been signed. With summer league ball behind us, the free-agent focus starts to shift to restricted free agents like Lee.

The problem? Unless Portland uses its cap space to make him an offer, Lee will be relying on the Knicks to cooperate in a sign-and-trade arrangement. And it's believed that New York is determined to retain Lee and Nate Robinson on one-year deals that preserve full Bird rights for both players without obligating the Knicks to slice into their projected salary-cap space for 2010 free agency.

But one well-placed insider volunteered this tip when it comes to Lee's situation: "Keep your eye on Chicago."

Buehrle throws a PERFECT GAME

Mark Buehrle topped his no-hitter from 2007 with a PERFECT GAME today at the Cell. Dwayne Wise made an unbelievable catch in the 9th inning, robbing a home run and keeping the dream alive for Buehrle!!

ESPN Recap.

Wise catch.

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You know the TV channel on in bars that shows extreme sports all the time? Last night it showed 2 monkeys boxing. Phenomenal. Speaking of TV, there is a new show called "The Colony" that you should check out. I'm not sure that I love it yet (and it's definitely no "Whale Wars" but the premise is great - so we'll see).

Book review: If you haven't read "Sex, Drugs and Cocoa Puffs" by Chuck Klosterman, get after it. How could you not love a book that does in-depth analyses on the cultural impact of both the Real World and Saved By The Bell?!

My 16" softball team made the playoffs, game is at 6:30 next Wedneday, Horner Park. Come out to support the team, or come drink/ (possibly) celebrate with us at SchoolYard (Southport and School) after the game.

Love him or hate him, LeBron just got a bit cooler -
LeBron James struggled with sudden fame after appearing on Sports Illustrated's cover as a 17-year-old and admits he smoked marijuana during his junior year in high school.

Those are two of the revelations in a book chronicling James' rise from Akron, Ohio, hoops prodigy to NBA superstar.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Bears camp preview

NFC North (BEARS) Preview -
Camp will be a downer if ...
... the Bears realize this summer that they haven't given Cutler enough weapons. While young players don't always develop on a convenient timetable, it should be pretty clear by mid-August if the Bears have enough mature depth at the receiver position. Adding a veteran at the end of the summer is an imperfect solution and would limit his chances to develop a rapport with the new quarterback.

The best-case scenario is if Bennett can parlay his familiarity with Cutler -- they were college teammates at Vanderbilt -- into a quick claim on the No. 2 job. That would lessen the pressure on the rookies and relieve the need to rely on Davis, who isn't a starting-caliber receiver. But if Bennett stumbles, the domino effect could significantly diminish the Bears' passing attack early in the season.

Camp will be a success if ...
... Smith can lay the groundwork for a revived defense. Smith has taken over as the de facto defensive coordinator and will call most defensive signals during games. He'll need to restore the Bears' core values -- producing a pass rush with the front four and making big plays in the secondary -- in order to meet the standard his defenses set earlier this decade.

It might be difficult to judge the success of this venture during camp and even in the preseason; Smith isn't likely to give away too much from a schematic standpoint before the regular season begins. But make no mistake: The origin of any improvement must come during technique and drill work in training camp.

The NCAA could be in trouble.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Bulls links, and even some rare White Sox links

Don't the Bulls already have a project at the 4? That we've been developing for the last few years and hoping his offensive game comes around?! Well if 1 is good, 2 must be better ...

From TrueHoop -
The Bulls have a project in James Johnson. He's capable of moving the ball, looks like a competent defender, but I don't think he's realized what kind of offensive player he is, wants to be, or the Bulls want him to be. He's 12 for his last 43 shots from the field, though he's managed 24 free throw attempts over that span.

Reinsdorf speaks on BG

From Ben Gordon's exit, to Ben Wallace's short and costly stay, to Pau Gasol's bypass of the Bulls on the way to L.A., Bulls chairman Jerry Reinsdorf weighed in on numerous subjects Monday.

Reinsdorf, also the White Sox owner who allowed he might have bought the Cubs had the timing been different in 1981, sat down with Bulls beat reporters from the Sun-Times, Chicago Tribune, and Daily Herald for an hour of free-wheeling conversation at the United Center.

Question: What do you think of Ben Gordon's signing as a free agent with the Detroit Pistons?

Answer: Actually, we made a decision a year ago not to commit long term to Ben. We tried, and he turned it down. Then, near the end, [now GM] Gar Forman and John [Paxson] decided it probably wasn't a good idea to make a long-term decision. We wanted to see what other options might develop. So we withdrew the offer [six years, $54 million] we had on the table. Ben ultimately said he would take it, but it was too late.

Now, fast forward to the end of the year, we have [John] Salmons and we have a hell of a three-guard rotation with [Kirk] Hinrich and Derrick [Rose]. Ben wasn't going to get a whole lot of playing time. [It] was going to be diminished. So Ben really no longer fit. Ben's a terrific player. But Ben needs minutes. He would not have been happy with the minutes he was going to get.

Q: What about letting Gordon go and getting nothing in return given he was the third overall pick in the 2004 draft?

A: You can't just look at a player by himself. You've got to look at what his departure enables you to do in other ways. You do have to have [salary] cap flexibility in this league. It's not like baseball where, if you have the money, you can do whatever you want. The cap really constrains you. So you're constantly looking at your roster to see maybe two or three years out.


Q: Would you ever exceed the luxury-tax threshold?

A: I don't mind [paying] the tax if it's an intelligent expenditure. I don't care what the tax would be; if we had a guy who was going to put us over the top and put us in the Finals, I'd pay the tax. I wouldn't hesitate.

Q: Does it take three All-Stars to contend for a championship? MJ was the last Bulls All-Star in 1998.

A: We have Derrick [Rose]. He clearly shows the potential to be an All-Star. A healthy Luol is going to become an All-Star. Boston showed three stars helps you a great deal. The Bulls championships, we really had two stars. Maybe we had three stars in Michael Jordan himself. But it's still a team game. If you have the right role players and play the game properly, you can win. But with three All-Stars, it makes it a lot easier.

Boozer rumors -
Among the more intriguing rumors that surfaced on Monday was a three-team deal reported by that would send Shane Battier and Carl Landry from the Houston Rockets to Utah, Boozer to Chicago, Jerome James and Tyrus Thomas from the Bulls and Kyrylo Fesenko from the Jazz to the Rockets.

The Bulls have shown interest in acquiring Boozer in recent weeks as a way to clear cap space in order to pursue a big-ticket free agent in 2010.

Previous rumored deals involving Chicago had the team shipping off combo guard Kirk Hinrich to another team. That scenario is something the Bulls have become more reluctant to make a reality. Since the departure of Ben Gordon to Detroit, trading Hinrich as well would leave them with little depth in their backcourt.

Craig Hodges (one of my favorite former-Bulls) thinks he was black-balled -

Craig Hodges is one of two players to have won the NBA's annual three-point shooting contest three times. The other is Larry Bird.

Hodges, a Park Forest native, also has two championship rings courtesy of his 3½-year stint with the Bulls. He has another coming as shooting coach for the champion Los Angeles Lakers, whom he has served since 2005.

Between those highs were some gut-wrenching lows. The 1978 Rich East graduate's career ended at age 32, when he was released by the Bulls and never signed with another team -- despite the fact he connected on 40 percent of his three-point attempts in his 10-year career.

Hodges remains convinced he was blackballed from the NBA after showing up at the Bulls' White House celebration in 1992 wearing a dashiki and handing President George H.W. Bush a letter asking him to address injustices in the black community.

Roberson waived -
The Chicago Bulls have waived guard Anthony Roberson.

Roberson played in just six regular-season games with the Bulls after being acquired in a four-player trade with the New York Knicks on Feb. 19.

The 6-2, 195-pound Roberson played overseas during the 2007-08 season after stints with the Memphis Grizzlies and Golden State Warriors.

Roberson attended the University of Florida.

Ozzie a racist?

White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen said he received several e-mails Monday accusing him of being a racist after backup outfielder Brian Anderson was optioned to Triple-A Charlotte to make room for Carlos Quentin.

Guillen replied that he wouldn't have stuck with Anderson as long as he had if he didn't like the White Sox's 2006 Opening Day center fielder.

"If I don't like one player, believe me, he'll be out of here in a hurry because I've got the power," Guillen said. "If I told Kenny [Williams], 'This guy's no good for the ballclub,' Kenny would do everything he can to get him out of here.

"If people don't think we like Brian, yes, we do. Brian didn't produce the way we thought he would. For four years in a row, we gave him a shot to be the every-day center fielder, and that didn't work. If Brian showed us he can come out here and do the job, he'd be our center fielder."

Anderson's locker was cleaned out before the clubhouse was open to the media.

Guillen said Dewayne Wise was chosen to stay over Anderson because "we can use Wise a little bit more."

Wise, who is left-handed and out of minor-league options, is batting .196, compared with Anderson's .238 mark in 65 games.

Quentin returns and Sox 1 game out of first -

Carlos Quentin rejoined a White Sox offense that didn't skip a beat Monday night.

Leadoff batter Scott Podsednik reached base safely four times and scored twice, and Paul Konerko hit a three-run home run in the third inning to increase his RBI total to 64, two more than he had in 2008.

But for all the hoopla over Quentin's return after missing 45 games because of plantar fasciitis in his left foot, the Sox showed improvement in two areas to preserve a 4-3 victory over defending American League champion Tampa Bay before a sellout crowd of 39,024 at U.S. Cellular Field.

First, catcher A.J. Pierzynski threw out two potential base stealers, including Jason Bartlett at third base for the second out in the eighth inning.

"We had a party after the game," deadpanned manager Ozzie Guillen, taking note that opponents had stolen 55 bases in 59 attempts with Pierzynski behind the plate before Monday.

Second, the bullpen had allowed 22 earned runs in their last 29 2/3 innings entering Monday night's game.

Matt Thornton, however, struck out Evan Longoria on a slider with the tying and go-ahead runs on base to preserve a one-run lead in the eighth, and closer Bobby Jenks struck out Bartlett on a 3-2 slider with the bases loaded to end the game.

As a result, the Sox moved one game behind AL Central leader Detroit.

Thome wins player of the week -

Chicago White Sox designated hitter Jim Thome was named the American League player of the week for the period ending July 19.

The 38-year-old Thome set a club record with 14 RBIs in a three-game span after the All-Star break against the Baltimore Orioles. He went 5-for-10 with a double, two home runs and had a career-best seven-RBI game Friday night.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Quick links

Return of Carlos Quentin.

Playoff highlights (via TrueHoop). Scroll to #14 for D-Rose.

You should download e-603. Like GirlTalk, but better.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bulls Links

What are the Bulls thinking?! Kmart informed me of the latest dumb move (via Gchat): "bulls buy out tim thomas... another asset out the door... hello mediocrity"

This prompted Kmart and I to discuss all of the dumb moves in the past few years. We have arguably been as bad as the Clippers (Bulls draft Rose, Clippers draft Griffin ... neither team has made any other good moves) over the last decade:

- Even tho it was Pre-Pax, still dumb: trading Elton Brand (ROY that went 20-10 in his sophomore season)
- Trading Lamarcus Aldridge for TT and Darius Songaila on draft day
-Drafting Luol over Igoudala (then giving him a giant contract)
- Noc's contract
- "Stealing" Ben Wallace from the Pistons (it appears they've gotten the better of signing the other team's Ben by getting BG this summer)

Back to buying out Tim Thomas

The Chicago Bulls are buying out the contract of forward Tim Thomas.

Thomas had one season left on his deal, which would have paid him nearly $6.5 million. He played in just 18 games with the Bulls after being acquired from the New York Knicks in a four-player trade on Feb. 19.

The move helps keep the Bulls from paying the luxury tax after signing Jannero Pargo and re-signing Lindsey Hunter.

Why would we be giving up assets, or actually paying to lose an asset?! This makes no sense. This is the perfect year to have expiring contracts, and we just paid to make one go away?! And to keep Lindsey Hunter and sign Janero Pargo?!

I guess there is a great reason to keep Lindsey Hunter -

If you're wondering why the Bulls would spend $1.3 million and a roster spot on Lindsey Hunter, look no further than the NBA's reigning Rookie of the Year.

"Lindsey helped me so much," Derrick Rose said on the season's final day, before Game 7 of the Bulls-Celtics playoff series.

BG's replacement -

"It's a great opportunity," Pargo continues. "They're losing a great player in Ben Gordon, but I think I provide some of the things that he did. Hopefully I can get things to the level they were at when he left."

Already been covered here, but is a Boozer-to-Bulls trade still in the works? -

Will you be traded to the Chicago Bulls?
I definitely heard a little rumbling about it. Whether it will go down or not, it's kind of between the Jazz and Chicago, but obviously if I did get traded to Chicago, I'd love to be a part of the Bulls.


Oh, and I guess it's mid-season for the White Sox. Pretty good summary seems to be that they were not even mentioned in this summary of the first half.

They are ranked 14 here. And 13 here.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Conversation starter ...

... on the Bulls and free agency. I guess this all stems from BBS' thoughts on re-signing BG after the Celtics series (also read the comments). And the report of Boozer to the Bulls.

And my facebook status update yesterday:
"Booz would make up for letting BG walk. Tough to see Kirk and TT go tho."

Which sparked the following dialogue between Kmart and I:

K: This move would make more sense if we signed BG, at least then we'd have an outside shot at the finals. This is strictly a salary dump. They are aligning for Wade or Bosh in 2010.

Here's hoping Salmons has a ridiculous year and opts out. That would give us room to re-sign Boozer for the MLE and go after Wade.

J: I was as back-and-forth as BG as anybody, and it sucks to let him go ... but you're looking at him like people are looking at Michael Jackson: only seeing the good and not seeing the child molesting freak. Are we that much worse with Salmons at the 2 rather than BG?

K: I don't think the Bulls should have signed Ben for $11 mil, but this speaks volumes about how the Bulls run their organization. The Bulls drafted Ben as a short lights out shooter. Then spent the next five seasons complaining how short he was and how many shots he took and let him go for nothing.

Then the Bulls drafted Tyrus and told us how raw ... Read Morehe was, and how he needed time to develop... and in 4 seasons still have him sitting on the bench in crunch time of games all while Brad Miller gasps for air like a dying fish.

I'd say the blueprint is there for Tyrus's remaining time as a Bull. Give him a few below market offers based on some bs like "lack of production in the 4th"or "not enough growth" and if he doesn't sign them right away watch him walk for nothing.... either that or trade him for a 1 year rent a player and 2010 cap room.

J: Agreed, but things change. BG made sense as a 6th man and even made sense starting next to Kirk. Everybody needs some scoring from the backcourt. But he just didn't make as much sense next to Rose, who can give us that scoring when it's necessary. So given that BG is a black hole in the offense that could not defend me or you on the other end, ... Read Morehe just didn't make sense with where the team is headed. That skill set is no longer necessary.

And I hope you're wrong about TT ... I did not want him traded for Amare, and I basically don't to let him go for anything (let alone watching him walk like BG in a few years). But that if he never comes through? Isn't a year with a legit front court scorer and a chance at Bosh next summer worth a shot? Especially if they would let TT walk eventually anyway?!

K: It's certainly a win-win move for Bulls management. They get rid of Kirk's contract, and at the same time are off the hook for attempting to negotiate a new contract for Tyrus. They'd have a ton of flexibility going forward with only $36 million in comitted salary for 2010 (and only $30 if salmons opts out).

However, this would truly be puting... Read More all of our eggs in the 2010 basket and hoping we come out of it with something...

And if we wiff look for D-rose to pull a LeBron/Bosh/Wade and hold the Bulls hostage by threatening to leave if they don't put together a title contender.

J: Yes, and hoping for 2010 is scary. With the lower cap and current economy ... I see virtually no big names switching teams. Apart from Bosh (who hates Toronto), I bet everyone takes advantage of Bird Rights and stays put.

K: According to Sam Smith this is a complete sham and the bulls havent had a single conversation with Utah or Portland.

He suggests Portland keeps leaking these vague fake trade rumors about the trailblazers not giving up much, but getting stuff in return, because of all the heat they've been taking for the Hedo miss.


What do you think?! Thoughts on letting BG walk and possibly getting Boozer (and cap space for next summer)?! Hit up the comments to keep the conversation going ...

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Quick thoughts on Free Agency

I was up at my cottage in Wisconsin for the last 8 days, so I missed most of the frenzy at the start of free agency ... but it appears the Association was able to keep things interesting without me.

The biggest news concerning the Bulls is the loss of BG to the Pistons. It sucks to lose him, but a part of me is glad we did not overpay. Are we ever winning a title when our 2 best (or highest paid) players are BG and D-Rose?!

The Bulls are re-signing Janero Pargo to ease the loss of BG ... seriously?!

The latest rumor has the Bulls landing Boozer for Captain Kirk and TT. I am sad to see both of those players leave (even tho Kirk has a bad contract and TT has not developed like we'd all hoped). I guess I would like this move if we can sign Boozer to a multi-year deal. And I like it even more if we land D-Wade next summer, but that's a long-shot at best.

More on this to come as it develops, but a lineup of Noah, Boozer, Luol, Salmons and Rose would look pretty good. But is Boozer for Kirk/TT really the best we can do for a legit PG and a potentially great young athletic 4?! Could we wait and go after Bosh (younger than Boozer) next summer?! We shall see.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Report: Gordon meeting with Dumars

DETROIT -- A person tells The Associated Press that Chicago Bulls guard Ben Gordon is in talks with the Detroit Pistons about joining the team.

Pistons spokesman Kevin Grigg declined comment on Gordon's situation Wednesday, saying there's an NBA moratorium on discussing free-agent matters.

But a person close to the talks says Gordon was in Michigan on Wednesday. The person declined to be identified because the talks are private, but says Gordon was meeting with Joe Dumars, Detroit's president for player personnel.

Gordon was Chicago's top scorer the past four years and became an unrestricted free agent after the season. Bulls officials have said bringing him back next year was a top priority.

Word is the contract is for 5 years/$55 million...which in my opinion is about $4-5 million too much for Gordon. I've flip-flopped on whether or not I wanted Gordon to stay a lot in the past year. But after this last season I concluded that, even though he's a preternatural scorer, he's a detriment to the Bulls...especially at $9+ million per year.

Bulls fan be glad he didn't take their offer last summer...then we'd be saddled with three horrible contracts (Hinrich, Deng, and Gordon) going into the free agency orgy of 2010.

Bulls hire former guard Brown...maybe he can use his new salary to buy back his rings

Sox sweep the lowly Indians

5 straight wins for the Southsiders (40-38) they came against the dregs of the league (Indians and Cubs), but you're supposed to beat up on weak opposition and they did.

Gordon Beckham is beginning to look like the stud he was projected to be coming out of Georgia last summer. He's on a tear...his average has jumped from .196 to .278 in the last 10 games.

The Sox will play an all AL Central schedule going into the All-Star Break. Unfortunately, none against Detroit. But if they continue winning series after series, they should be in good shape going into the break.