Monday, July 27, 2009

Buehrle wins AL POW -
Chicago White Sox left-hander Mark Buehrle, who threw the 16th perfect game in modern Major League history in a 5-0 win over the Tampa Bay Rays at U.S. Cellular Field on Thursday, has been named the American League Player of the Week.

The 30-year-old Buehrle recorded six strikeouts in becoming the first pitcher ever to throw a perfect game against a defending League champion. Buehrle's gem required just two hours and three minutes overall. The four-time A.L. All-Star recorded baseball's first perfect game since Randy Johnson accomplished the feat with the Arizona Diamondbacks on May 18, 2004.

The Missouri native achieved the 17th no-hitter and only the second perfect game in White Sox history, joining Charles Roberston (4/30/22). This marks Mark's second career weekly award (previous: 4/23/2007).

Most interesting part of this article?? The Title calls Luol Deng an "NBA Superstar": NBA superstar Luol Deng set to miss GB's autumn games

Your 2009-2010 Bulls Roster -
With Andre Miller officially signing with the trailblazers and Aaron Gray's qualifying offer now guaranteed, it appears the Chicago Bulls are done for the summer with roster moves.
Miller's signing ends the Blazers possible pursuit of Kirk Hinrich which ends our ability to save Utah significant money in a Boozer trade.

Aaron gray will be in limbo for a little bit searching out a better situation or more money, but he's unlikely to find either. So after he's certain that he's exhausted all possibilities, which may actually take a considerable period of time as he has nothing to lose now, Aaron Gray will return to the team.

In guard to forward order:
Derrick Rose
Kirk Hinrich
Jannero Pargo
Lindsay Hunter
John Salmons
Luol Deng
James Johnson
Tyrus Thomas
Taj Gibson
Joakim Noah
Brad Miller
Aaron Gray
Jerome James

Could there be another move left? Anything is possible, but I'd place the odds as 80%+ that the Bulls enter the regular season with this roster.

NBA's Greatest _____. I think MJ could have taken about all of these categories, but I'm OK with "Greatest Winner."

Love this kid, L-O-V-E. D-Rose being productive this summer -
Rose takes about 500 jumpers six days a week when he and McClanaghan are in the gym with other players like Oklahoma City Thunder guard Russell Westbrook(notes). When they’re alone, that number doubles.

McClanaghan said he’s seen Rose gain more confidence. Del Negro has noticed a change, as well.

“When you put in the time and the effort, good things usually happen,” Del Negro said.

In addition to improving his midrange jumper, Rose hopes to show next season he can also become a respectable 3-point threat. Combine that with his quickness, and opposing teams will have more reason to sweat when facing him.

Said Rose: “I’m going to be tough to guard.”

I hope our front-court guys are working as hard as D-Rose this summer.

And apparently Rose was showing off the new J at the Team USA minicamp -
1. Third Point Guard/Team Leader: Brandon Roy
First of all, the need for another team leader will not be necessary from 2010-12, given that the "Great Eight" will all be solid veterans; Kidd's leadership was deemed to be necessary in 2007-08 because of the team's youth.

And no, Brandon Roy's not a point guard, either. But the team certainly has enough players who can initiate offense (including Roy, if added) that it won't be necessary to add a true point guard, so you just can't ignore a guy who is this damn good.

He is just 25 years old (as of Thursday - happy b'day, B), yet he has already become arguably the 7th-best player in basketball. Seemingly a 10-year vet when he walked into the league, Roy plays within himself to an extent that there's very little ego that will need to be left at the door, and he would represent the program with class off the court.

Roy has withdrawn from the mini-camp, however, apparently because of the strange delay in the negotiation of his contract extension with the Blazers. He will be the most prominent of several players with legitimate designs on a roster spot to skip the camp - it'll be interesting to see how that affects the standing of these players in the eyes of Mssrs. Colangelo and K.

Other Contenders
The addition of Roy seems like it would make it difficult for Derrick Rose to make the team, just because of positional needs (see below). However, Rose is attending the mini-camp, and Colangelo was brilliant in 2006 in having a sharp eye for emerging guys like CP3 and Dwight Howard who would be superstars by 2008. It'll be interesting to how Rose is handled with the national team, given that he seems like he'll be elite by 2012, if he isn't already, and it'd seem they'd want to get a point guard groomed for 2014-16 - it's just hard to find room.

Rajon Rondo is missing the camp because he is in Kendrick Perkins's wedding, which can't help his cause for a spot. Rondo and Rose could both stand to improve their shooting to help their causes, of course, although the venerable Sam Smith tweeted today that "Drose didnt miss a j in drills. said taking 700 a day."

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