Thursday, July 2, 2009

Report: Gordon meeting with Dumars

DETROIT -- A person tells The Associated Press that Chicago Bulls guard Ben Gordon is in talks with the Detroit Pistons about joining the team.

Pistons spokesman Kevin Grigg declined comment on Gordon's situation Wednesday, saying there's an NBA moratorium on discussing free-agent matters.

But a person close to the talks says Gordon was in Michigan on Wednesday. The person declined to be identified because the talks are private, but says Gordon was meeting with Joe Dumars, Detroit's president for player personnel.

Gordon was Chicago's top scorer the past four years and became an unrestricted free agent after the season. Bulls officials have said bringing him back next year was a top priority.

Word is the contract is for 5 years/$55 million...which in my opinion is about $4-5 million too much for Gordon. I've flip-flopped on whether or not I wanted Gordon to stay a lot in the past year. But after this last season I concluded that, even though he's a preternatural scorer, he's a detriment to the Bulls...especially at $9+ million per year.

Bulls fan be glad he didn't take their offer last summer...then we'd be saddled with three horrible contracts (Hinrich, Deng, and Gordon) going into the free agency orgy of 2010.

Bulls hire former guard Brown...maybe he can use his new salary to buy back his rings

Sox sweep the lowly Indians

5 straight wins for the Southsiders (40-38) they came against the dregs of the league (Indians and Cubs), but you're supposed to beat up on weak opposition and they did.

Gordon Beckham is beginning to look like the stud he was projected to be coming out of Georgia last summer. He's on a tear...his average has jumped from .196 to .278 in the last 10 games.

The Sox will play an all AL Central schedule going into the All-Star Break. Unfortunately, none against Detroit. But if they continue winning series after series, they should be in good shape going into the break.

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