Tuesday, July 14, 2009

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What are the Bulls thinking?! Kmart informed me of the latest dumb move (via Gchat): "bulls buy out tim thomas... another asset out the door... hello mediocrity"

This prompted Kmart and I to discuss all of the dumb moves in the past few years. We have arguably been as bad as the Clippers (Bulls draft Rose, Clippers draft Griffin ... neither team has made any other good moves) over the last decade:

- Even tho it was Pre-Pax, still dumb: trading Elton Brand (ROY that went 20-10 in his sophomore season)
- Trading Lamarcus Aldridge for TT and Darius Songaila on draft day
-Drafting Luol over Igoudala (then giving him a giant contract)
- Noc's contract
- "Stealing" Ben Wallace from the Pistons (it appears they've gotten the better of signing the other team's Ben by getting BG this summer)

Back to buying out Tim Thomas

The Chicago Bulls are buying out the contract of forward Tim Thomas.

Thomas had one season left on his deal, which would have paid him nearly $6.5 million. He played in just 18 games with the Bulls after being acquired from the New York Knicks in a four-player trade on Feb. 19.

The move helps keep the Bulls from paying the luxury tax after signing Jannero Pargo and re-signing Lindsey Hunter.

Why would we be giving up assets, or actually paying to lose an asset?! This makes no sense. This is the perfect year to have expiring contracts, and we just paid to make one go away?! And to keep Lindsey Hunter and sign Janero Pargo?!

I guess there is a great reason to keep Lindsey Hunter -

If you're wondering why the Bulls would spend $1.3 million and a roster spot on Lindsey Hunter, look no further than the NBA's reigning Rookie of the Year.

"Lindsey helped me so much," Derrick Rose said on the season's final day, before Game 7 of the Bulls-Celtics playoff series.

BG's replacement -

"It's a great opportunity," Pargo continues. "They're losing a great player in Ben Gordon, but I think I provide some of the things that he did. Hopefully I can get things to the level they were at when he left."

Already been covered here, but is a Boozer-to-Bulls trade still in the works? -

Will you be traded to the Chicago Bulls?
I definitely heard a little rumbling about it. Whether it will go down or not, it's kind of between the Jazz and Chicago, but obviously if I did get traded to Chicago, I'd love to be a part of the Bulls.


Oh, and I guess it's mid-season for the White Sox. Pretty good summary seems to be that they were not even mentioned in this summary of the first half.

They are ranked 14 here. And 13 here.

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