Thursday, July 23, 2009

Buehrle throws a PERFECT GAME

Mark Buehrle topped his no-hitter from 2007 with a PERFECT GAME today at the Cell. Dwayne Wise made an unbelievable catch in the 9th inning, robbing a home run and keeping the dream alive for Buehrle!!

ESPN Recap.

Wise catch.

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You know the TV channel on in bars that shows extreme sports all the time? Last night it showed 2 monkeys boxing. Phenomenal. Speaking of TV, there is a new show called "The Colony" that you should check out. I'm not sure that I love it yet (and it's definitely no "Whale Wars" but the premise is great - so we'll see).

Book review: If you haven't read "Sex, Drugs and Cocoa Puffs" by Chuck Klosterman, get after it. How could you not love a book that does in-depth analyses on the cultural impact of both the Real World and Saved By The Bell?!

My 16" softball team made the playoffs, game is at 6:30 next Wedneday, Horner Park. Come out to support the team, or come drink/ (possibly) celebrate with us at SchoolYard (Southport and School) after the game.

Love him or hate him, LeBron just got a bit cooler -
LeBron James struggled with sudden fame after appearing on Sports Illustrated's cover as a 17-year-old and admits he smoked marijuana during his junior year in high school.

Those are two of the revelations in a book chronicling James' rise from Akron, Ohio, hoops prodigy to NBA superstar.


DC said...

My father called me at work to tell me that the Wise catch was the greatest catch he's ever seen (because it was a great catch + the circumstance). If you don't know my dad, he's been around for awhile...the only thing besides his family he truly loves in the world are the Chicago White Sox...he has a horrible memory except for the uncanny ability to remember anything and everything White Sox. So that's high praise coming from my dad.

2j said...

The catch was incredible

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