Thursday, July 9, 2009

Quick thoughts on Free Agency

I was up at my cottage in Wisconsin for the last 8 days, so I missed most of the frenzy at the start of free agency ... but it appears the Association was able to keep things interesting without me.

The biggest news concerning the Bulls is the loss of BG to the Pistons. It sucks to lose him, but a part of me is glad we did not overpay. Are we ever winning a title when our 2 best (or highest paid) players are BG and D-Rose?!

The Bulls are re-signing Janero Pargo to ease the loss of BG ... seriously?!

The latest rumor has the Bulls landing Boozer for Captain Kirk and TT. I am sad to see both of those players leave (even tho Kirk has a bad contract and TT has not developed like we'd all hoped). I guess I would like this move if we can sign Boozer to a multi-year deal. And I like it even more if we land D-Wade next summer, but that's a long-shot at best.

More on this to come as it develops, but a lineup of Noah, Boozer, Luol, Salmons and Rose would look pretty good. But is Boozer for Kirk/TT really the best we can do for a legit PG and a potentially great young athletic 4?! Could we wait and go after Bosh (younger than Boozer) next summer?! We shall see.

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