Tuesday, July 28, 2009


DC already linked, but congrats on finishing out Paul Shirley's chat yesterday -
Dan (Chicago)
wait, the AD movie is a go? I just blue myself.

Paul Shirley
There's gotta be a better way to say that...

A sad day for me: I need a new favorite player on the White Sox because BA got traded -
Earlier in the afternoon, the White Sox traded Brian Anderson to the Red Sox for Mark Kotsay, who was designated for assignment by Boston last week.

Kotsay can play both the outfield and first base, so he'll bring some versatility to the bench. This move almost certainly means that Josh Fields will be sent to Charlotte, as the Sox really won't have a use for him now that they have a backup first baseman.

JE Skeets (from The Basketball Jones) tweeted (@jeskeets if you want to follow him) this video today. It's a fast break to perfection ...

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Bill Simmons touched on the Bulls in his column yesterday -
6. Live? "American Woman"? The most brilliant piece of gobbledygook ever! Give me some white light hot heat! (Picks up an album.) IGGY POP!!! Aaaaaa-men!

To my three favorite sneaky-good moves this summer ...


Jannero Pargo, one year, terms not disclosed (Chicago): A poor man's Ben Gordon who catches fire off the bench every so often. Please, Chicago, don't do anything else! You had a nice run this past spring and created an identity for yourself, and you have Luol Deng coming back to take Gordon's minutes. Let this thing breathe. Let the kids run around and do their thing. You have plenty of time. And here's why I'm saying this ...

7. Tell him, you know, it's a think piece about a midlevel band struggling with their own limitations in the harsh face of stardom. He'll wet himself.

According to NBA history, the Bulls will struggle coming out of the gate as this season's enticing "Watch out for these guys!" team that surprised in the previous playoffs, receives a little too much attention and briefly self-combusts the next season (copyright: 2007-08 Warriors). Again, let it breathe, Chicago. Thank you.


22. Act 1, in which she pretends she doesn't care about him. Act 2, in which he pretends he doesn't care about her, but he goes right for her. Act 3, in which it all plays out the way she planned it. She'll eat him alive.

To Carlos Boozer and Pat Riley. I don't know who's "he" and "she" in this scenario -- really, they could play either part -- but somebody's getting eaten alive. They deserve each other. (Can two people stab each other in the back if they're both staring right at each other waiting for the other to turn around? It's a great question.) By the way, I wish we could bet on things like "Dwyane Wade will be a Knick or a Bull 12 months from now."

Too bad the White Sox were terrible between his starts, Buehrle follows PERFECT GAME by dominating Twins thru 5 -

Chicago White Sox ace Mark Buehrle has set a major league record by retiring 45 straight batters.

Coming off a perfect game in his last start against Tampa Bay, Buehrle retired the first 17 Minnesota Twins batters to surpass the record of 41 straight set by and San Francisco's Jim Barr in 1972 and tied by teammate Bobby Jenks, a reliever, in 2007.

Buehrle retired 27 in a row against the Rays in his last start, then breezed through the first five innings against the Twins to break the record.

His bid for a second consecutive perfect game ended with a walk to Alexi Casilla on a close call with two outs in the sixth. The Metrodome crowd stood and cheered Buehrle. Then Denard Span followed with a single to break up the no-hitter.

The Twins flashed the record on the main scoreboard.


Kmart said...

Jantz I recommend Gordon Beckham... very likeable, very good, easy to root for.

On that video, in today's NBA, 100 out of 100 times that Pippen dunk is getting called an and 1. What a joke the officiating has become.

What does let is breathe mean? I thought Simmons missed his mark on the Bulls. He fell into the media's Jannero=Poor man's BG. And then says to let it breathe? What the hell is that supposed to mean? He acts like the Bulls getting Dwayne Wade is an assumed guaranteed thing.

2j said...

Not sure what "let it breathe" means exactly, but I took it as: head into the season with the current roster and see what happens. Rather than making a panic trade of one of our young bigs (read: TT) and some other assets for Boozer. Even tho it's not inevitable that D-Wade (or any of the other 2010 FAs leave their current teams, trading for Booz and signing him to a long-term deal would end any possibility of fielding the GREATEST BACKCOURT OF ALL TIME (not to mention Chi-based, hometown ballers): ROSE AND WADE!

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