Friday, July 10, 2009

Conversation starter ...

... on the Bulls and free agency. I guess this all stems from BBS' thoughts on re-signing BG after the Celtics series (also read the comments). And the report of Boozer to the Bulls.

And my facebook status update yesterday:
"Booz would make up for letting BG walk. Tough to see Kirk and TT go tho."

Which sparked the following dialogue between Kmart and I:

K: This move would make more sense if we signed BG, at least then we'd have an outside shot at the finals. This is strictly a salary dump. They are aligning for Wade or Bosh in 2010.

Here's hoping Salmons has a ridiculous year and opts out. That would give us room to re-sign Boozer for the MLE and go after Wade.

J: I was as back-and-forth as BG as anybody, and it sucks to let him go ... but you're looking at him like people are looking at Michael Jackson: only seeing the good and not seeing the child molesting freak. Are we that much worse with Salmons at the 2 rather than BG?

K: I don't think the Bulls should have signed Ben for $11 mil, but this speaks volumes about how the Bulls run their organization. The Bulls drafted Ben as a short lights out shooter. Then spent the next five seasons complaining how short he was and how many shots he took and let him go for nothing.

Then the Bulls drafted Tyrus and told us how raw ... Read Morehe was, and how he needed time to develop... and in 4 seasons still have him sitting on the bench in crunch time of games all while Brad Miller gasps for air like a dying fish.

I'd say the blueprint is there for Tyrus's remaining time as a Bull. Give him a few below market offers based on some bs like "lack of production in the 4th"or "not enough growth" and if he doesn't sign them right away watch him walk for nothing.... either that or trade him for a 1 year rent a player and 2010 cap room.

J: Agreed, but things change. BG made sense as a 6th man and even made sense starting next to Kirk. Everybody needs some scoring from the backcourt. But he just didn't make as much sense next to Rose, who can give us that scoring when it's necessary. So given that BG is a black hole in the offense that could not defend me or you on the other end, ... Read Morehe just didn't make sense with where the team is headed. That skill set is no longer necessary.

And I hope you're wrong about TT ... I did not want him traded for Amare, and I basically don't to let him go for anything (let alone watching him walk like BG in a few years). But that if he never comes through? Isn't a year with a legit front court scorer and a chance at Bosh next summer worth a shot? Especially if they would let TT walk eventually anyway?!

K: It's certainly a win-win move for Bulls management. They get rid of Kirk's contract, and at the same time are off the hook for attempting to negotiate a new contract for Tyrus. They'd have a ton of flexibility going forward with only $36 million in comitted salary for 2010 (and only $30 if salmons opts out).

However, this would truly be puting... Read More all of our eggs in the 2010 basket and hoping we come out of it with something...

And if we wiff look for D-rose to pull a LeBron/Bosh/Wade and hold the Bulls hostage by threatening to leave if they don't put together a title contender.

J: Yes, and hoping for 2010 is scary. With the lower cap and current economy ... I see virtually no big names switching teams. Apart from Bosh (who hates Toronto), I bet everyone takes advantage of Bird Rights and stays put.

K: According to Sam Smith this is a complete sham and the bulls havent had a single conversation with Utah or Portland.

He suggests Portland keeps leaking these vague fake trade rumors about the trailblazers not giving up much, but getting stuff in return, because of all the heat they've been taking for the Hedo miss.


What do you think?! Thoughts on letting BG walk and possibly getting Boozer (and cap space for next summer)?! Hit up the comments to keep the conversation going ...

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