Tuesday, June 30, 2009


The 2003 steroid list (as posted by DC). And the possibility/probability that it is false.

What do you think of the Bulls draft?

Comparing JJ and Taj to Horace and Scottie? -

One’s from a big family, seven brothers and a sister, a remarkably skilled guy who came on fast because of his unique ball handling abilities for a big man, a bit on the practiced side, somewhat uncommunicative. He says he’s a small forward. Played point guard in high school.

The other guy is a skinny big kid, long armed and quick, blocking shots and running the court with a fast smile and enthusiastic personality.

Is this 1987?

Because that’s when the Bulls struck NBA Draft gold that began their march to six championships. They drafted Scottie Pippen, a uniquely skilled big kid from a huge family of 10 kids, a versatile small forward who was painfully shy and suspicious and who was a high school point guard who grew into an NBA forward. They also drafted Horace Grant, a 209-pound sliver of a power forward who was quick and energetic and with an outsized smile and personality.

Hey, we can dream, eh?

BG likely to return to Bulls? Free agent rumors -

Ben Gordon, G, Chicago Bulls – Last summer Gordon just missed the opportunity to re-up with the Bulls for five years at almost $11 million per, but he felt his value was higher than that and wanted to take the next season to prove it. In a lot of ways he did, but he's still a pretty one-dimensional player. Expect Chicago to offer him something in the $9-10 million range with Detroit being the only team with money to spend serving as any sort of catalyst to Chicago's negotiations. A sign-and-trade is always possible, but it seems most likely at this point he returns to Chicago.

James Johnson blog post

Hey everyone, this is James Johnson and let me just start by saying how happy I am to be in Chicago. The facilities here are great, there has been so much history here on the basketball court, and the city is unbelievable. I can’t wait to call this place home and begin training and working out with the rest of the guys.

Looking back at draft night, I was back home in Cheyenne, Wyoming. I spent it with some family members and friends and we were at a place called Jackson’s. It’s a great spot with a lot of TVs. We had our own section and it was great spending that night with people close to me. When they called my name, that place erupted. I didn’t know what to do. I had to sit down, actually, and just gather myself for a little bit. My parents were crying and it was a special moment.

I was definitely happy with how things went that night. I didn’t even know before the pick was announced that the Bulls were taking me. Words can’t explain the emotions and feelings I had at that time. I’m just glad it was the Bulls who picked me, and I hope I can help carry on the tradition in Chicago. I’m already thinking about what I can do to help us get past the first round in the playoffs.

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