Friday, June 19, 2009

Draft Links - Bulls moving up?

Bulls Moving Up?

The Chicago Bulls are trying to convince the New Jersey Nets to take their 16th and 26th picks to move to No. 11, and one Eastern Conference executive says Chicago’s target is Wake Forest forward James Johnson.

Some say Johnson has been slipping and could be available at No. 16, but no one seems sure about anything in this draft.

The Nets are considering the proposal. They’ve been intrigued by Louisville shooting guard Terrence Williams at No. 11, but could be willing to drop down with the belief that North Carolina’s Tyler Hansbrough could be available at 16.

As for Johnson, if he somehow drops to No. 21, you can count on the New Orleans Hornets letting him pass. After playing pick-up ball with Johnson in Winston-Salem the past two summers, Hornets star Chris Paul(notes) has no use for him, several league sources said.

“He talked way too much trash to Chris,” one source insisted. “Bad idea.”

Sounds about right.

Chad Ford of ESPN, has also confirmed that the Bulls are trying to move up.

As was reported on Blog-a-bull, BJ Mullens tweeted that he has a promise in MJ town.

Although that was later refuted by Sam Smith, KC, and Hoopsworld.

Draft Express has Johnson falling to us at 16.

Other names that continue to get thrown in the mix for the Bulls:
At 16
Terrence Williams, SG, Louisville
DeJuan Blair, PF, Pittsburgh

At 26
Austin Daye, PF, Gonzaga
Omri Casspi SF/PF, International

Either way, it's going to be an exciting off-season for the Bull. We will get a pretty good idea of what the Bulls long term plans are after this season. There's been plenty of talk whether that be about possible trades, the draft, or BG. I suppose we'll have to wait till next Thursday to see how the draft shakes out followed by free agency starting July 1st.

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