Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Life after NBA Season

Summer TV Recommendations ...


It's a movie on Mark Cuban's HDNetMovies, premieres the Wednesday (June 24) before it hits theaters that weekend.

Real World: Cancun starts on MTV that same night.


Fridays on Animal Planet.

Don't let the title mislead you, this is not just whales bumping into dolphins. This is a group of crazy hippies that drive an old, broken boat through the waters around Antarctica to hunt down Japanese whaling boats, then pummels that boat with all-natural, organic stink bombs.

Are you hooked yet? What if I told you the following about the first episode:

- The hippies' boat is called the "Steve Irwin"

- Aa helicopter pilot that is so high he confuses north for south. They cover this up by saying that Antarctica is "disorienting"

- The hippy try-outs for "throwers" (who will heave the stink bombs in battle) consisted of trying to throw objects into buckets from across the hull

- They misfire by 20 miles on a route that only required 1 right turn

- A guy crashing the boat into chunks of ice because he doesn't understand the directions his guides are telling him.

Have I convinced you to watch this show?!

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