Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Click-a-Bull (Rose MVP; 4th Quarter; Melo/Bulls)

BBS Click-a-BULL made a comeback yesterday with a bunch of links: Click-a-Bull (Noah's O; Rose's D; Bulls' Units; Rose Elite) and here are even more:

D-Rose for MVP?

Back on Media Day at the end of September, Derrick Rose came out before the start of his third NBA season and said he had every intention of winning an MVP trophy, and maybe even this season.

Publicly, we media lauded his gumption and saw the psychology of a quiet, reserved rising star coming out and saying something so bold as a statement of confidence in himself and his team, but privately none of us really thought he had a chance. Not with Kevin Durant and LeBron James and Dirk Nowitzki still in the league. Heck, most of us didn't even consider him among the top three point guards in the league until recently, let alone the Most Valuable Player of the entire league.

But quietly, pundits have started wondering whether or not it could actually happen. Could Rose actually have a shot at winning the MVP? Miami Heat head coach Eric Spoelstra thinks so.

"He's playing at an MVP level. He simply is," Spoelstra said before Saturday night's 99-96 loss to the Chicago Bulls. "He's making such an impact. He's getting into the paint, and he really is an improved shooter from three, so it's hard to keep him from getting to the rim, getting to the free-throw line, and making plays for all the other guys. This is the best basketball I've seen him play."

How do contending teams perform in the fourth quarter?

Always Be Closing.

That’s the name of the game, isn’t it? Great teams close out strong. They finish well together. They’re able to end games with finality. It’s that ability to lock down in the fourth quarter and finish teams off that separates the men from the boys. Young, weak teams can’t get it done, and teams that want to contend for a title have to be able to.

But how does this year’s crop of contenders compare in that fourth segment?

Using stats from, I took a look at eight teams that could be considered “contenders” should you carry it out to a fairly liberal degree. And yes, Utah, I hear you, but I needed to make a cutoff somewhere and OKC happened to have more wins when I started this post. For reference, here are Utah’s stats.

Here’s what I found:

Report: Melo Carousel twirls again towards Bulls

Make. It. Stop.

Okay, now that our obligatory request to end the Carmelo Anthony debacle that even has us weary is through, we can move on. Yahoo! Sports today weaves the tangled web of a swing back towards Chicago in the Anthony talks. Yes, again.

Nevertheless, William Wesley – Worldwide Wes – is expected to travel to Chicago for Bulls games on Thursday and Saturday against the Dallas Mavericks and Cleveland Cavaliers, a source said. Wesley unsuccessfully pushed LeBron Jamesnotes to sign with the Bulls as a free agent, and now has an interest in Anthony ending up there. Wesley represents Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau for CAA.

via Anthony's agents courting Bulls - NBA - Yahoo! Sports.

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