Monday, September 29, 2008

new rankings + bear

bull are ranked #17.
i think the celtics should be 2 and the lakers #1. bynum and ariza are huge additions and the celtics lost posey

cannot believe the bear are 2-2, and the 2 wins have come against indy and philly. we could easily be 4-0 (or 0-4). at least we will hang around the top of the division for a while (already thru 25% of the schedule and tied for first!

risk v. reward -

devin hester is awesome, and awesomely stupid. how he can pick up a rolling punt and return it for -8 yards and then return the next kickoff past midfield baffles me.
he is also terrible as a wr and one of our best options ...
how did he drop that deep slant (that hit him in the hands) and then catch that td??

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