Wednesday, September 3, 2008


red line world series?

i am hoping for an ozzie rant sometime very soon to get the streaky sox back on track. despite the poor play, the white sox are holding on to a first palce tie (with the also terrible twins). the problem is that both are falling behind the red sox on the wild card race ... so we need to start winning to pull away from the twins.

as to the minor league half of the red line series ...
are the cubs done now that zambrano is hurt? they have a big enough lead, but prolly can't go anywhere in the playoffs without their ace.

random basketball

i hate that people (ie john hollinger) think that mario chalmers is good. if he never made that shot, he prolly would have been a very late second round pick and maybe not even make a roster.

Joe (Stanford): John, who is your second round rookie of the year this year (aka the Paul Millsap award).

SportsNation John Hollinger: Gotta be Chalmers. I had him rated in my top 12 and was surprised he fell so far, plus he might be an opening-day starter.

looks a lot less likely now ...

luol deng dropped 30 v israel

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