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Click-a-Bull (Derrick Rose Links)

NBA Floor Generals: Power Ranking the Top 10 Point Guards

So here is the first of six articles I will be writing on power ranking the top ten players from each position and the top ten benches.

I also list an honorable mention and a few of the young players to look out for in the future.

We will start with the leaders of the team, the point guards. These are the ones who are in charge of carrying this team and running the team's offense. Point guards are there to set up their teammates, as well as being looked upon to be the team's secondary scorers.

These players play a pivotal role when it comes to winning games. If your team doesn't have a great point guard, you are in some trouble, unless of course you have Dwyane Wade and LeBron James on your team. Point guards carry the burden of making decisions under extreme pressure, and are always under ridicule if they do not succeed.

Overall, the point guard is the one on whom everyone relies to make that game-changing decision, whether to pass the ball to the hot hand, or take it to the hole themselves. So here is a list compiling the top 10 point guards in the NBA.

Let the debates begin!


7. Derrick Rose: Chicago Bulls

Rose uses his great frame and fantastic speed to blow past defenders with ease. Then, once he is able to blow by the defenders, he uses his explosive leaping abilities to either dunk on defenders or just elevate over them.

He possesses great one-on-one skills that he uses to his advantage when driving to the basket. He is a good combo guard right now, but needs to learn to be a half-court type point guard where he is able to come in and make moves to set up teammates, rather than doing so in the open court/transition game that he is ever so good at already.

Lastly, Rose is another player that falls under the "must improve shooting stroke" in order to enhance his skills that much more.

Call me a biased Bulls fan, but D-Rose at 7?! Seems about 5 spots too low. This next article is more what I'm thinking for D-Rose ...

6 reasons Derrick Rose will emerge as the best PG in the NBA this year

Before any people want to disagree with my statement, hear me out. I will provide you with six solid reasons why there is a good chance my statement will come true.

Derrick Rose is already an established all-star and with the recent summer the bulls have had, it's time for Rose to flourish and take the next step into superstardom and stamp his name as the best PG in the NBA.

National Team Gives Chicago’s Rose Bigger Stage to Prove He Can Lead

Derrick Rose grew up on the South Side of Chicago, so he has a keen appreciation of Michael Jordan’s Bulls. Those teams were far different from the more recent incarnations, and Rose, who was 9 when Jordan was in his final season in Chicago, has seen many players come and go since then.

Derrick Rose, who hopes to play for the USA Basketball at the world championship in Turkey, was the Bulls’ first All-Star since Michael Jordan in 1998.

But when LeBron James and other high-profile free agents decided against playing for Chicago this summer, Rose was left as the face of the franchise. And now, as a member of the United States national team, he can show he is ready to stand out on a big stage when the Americans play two exhibitions this weekend in Madrid as they prepare for the FIBA world championships Aug. 28 to Sept. 12 in Turkey.

Rose is competing for minutes, perhaps even a roster spot, on a team filled with point guards. If he emerges with a role on the team, it will be a positive step toward becoming the player he will need to be for the Bulls.

Mike Krzyzewski, the United States coach, said Rose had elevated his game, particularly on defense, since the team started training. “There’s no maintenance,” he said of Rose’s play. “You’ve got a guy doing all those things who you never have to motivate.”

In two N.B.A. seasons, Rose has started to blossom. He was the league’s rookie of the year in 2008-9, and he became the Bulls’ first All-Star since Jordan in 1998, Jordan’s final season in Chicago.


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