Sunday, August 15, 2010

Don't Call It A Comeback: BullBearSock Is Back In Action (And Improved!)

Anyone who reads this blog knows that there have been very few posts this summer, and for good reason. I was studying for the bar, and twenty-two days ago my building was evacuated because of flooding. We were finally able to move back in yesterday, but it was an absolutely crazy 3 weeks. Here's what went down since during that time:

- Took (and hopefully passed) the Bar Exam, which was only 3 days after the flood/evacuation. Not the best timing.

- Went on an relaxing vacation in Florida. Thanks to my great BBS-GF, who planned and executed an awesome trip!

- Went to an incredible funeral ceremony, which was a proper send-off for the Chicago Bears' biggest fan, a Chicago Firefighter/Paramedic, and a true hero. Miss you and love you Chris - proud to call you my cousin, lucky to call you my friend.


But don't worry, I have stayed current on everything Bulls, and will get back to posting regularly going forward. Look for regular posts on Tuesday and Friday, and some other random posts when time permits. Follow me on twitter (@bullbearsock) for updates and all of my random thoughts, and become a fan on facebook for updates whenever there is a new BBS post.

Beyond that, we've also added a couple of new writers to the BBS team. My friend Pete will be taking over as the resident Bears Expert, so expect those posts to start showing up pretty regularly. And my friend PK plans on writing here about the White Sox. That covers BBS, but those two will also be writing about the BlackHawks at times, so we are expanding our coverage slightly.

I'm really happy about expanding, because it makes my life that much easier. Above all else I am a Bulls fan, and I don't feel confident or knowledgeable writing about the Bears or White Sox ... so I am excited to have those teams covered by two knowledge and funny people. BBS is now fully loaded with four great writers, and me. Enjoy!

Pete and PK, welcome to BBS! And welcome back readers - check back later today for a quick Scottie Pippen Hall of Fame post.

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