Wednesday, October 20, 2010

BBS + CraicBackLive = Podcast!

Wondering what CraicBackLive is?? It's a new partner of BBS, so you should definitely check it out: CraicBackLive.

Kmart and I have been discussing expanding BBS into an "Audi-Bull" format (I am getting really good at Bulls puns) ... and we're finally going to do it thanks to CraicBackLive. A few of our other friends started CraicBackLive to discuss the NFL and NHL, and some college football. Obviously, I'm not well-versed in those areas, but I do have another expertise: the Chicago Bulls.

Kmart and I are going to jump on with CraicBackLive and try to record a weekly Bulls podcast. We are heading out of town for our fantasy draft this weekend, and plan to workout all of the details then. Once we start recording podcasts, they will be linked here at BBS.

To see what this is all about, tune-in to CraicBackLive tonight at 9:30pm when the guys will be discussing football, hockey, and pretty much anything. Since it's a live show, feel free to call in and ask them any questions you have.

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Duker said...

Thanks guys for coming on and supporting. Good to have another set of partners.

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