Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Must-Read NBA Websites & Blogs (TBJ; BDL; NBA Playbook; The Works)

Well, "Summer of 2010" lived up to the hype. But we finally made it through and all the trade rumors, and the NBA season is upon us. As we finally get into another NBA season, here are the sites that give me my daily fix of the Association:

The Basketball Jones

OK, I didn't really read this website as much as I listened to the podcast version ... but then TBJ went and snagged Trey Kerby to head up their blogging/writing efforts. Now I'm checking TBJ throughout the day and also downloading the iTunes version, and love getting my morning commute started with ... "Good morning, sweet world". Absolutely fantastic analysis of all the previous day's games, presented in a fun and entertaining way. I can't recommend this podcast enough, so just give it one listen and you'll make JE and Tas a regular part of your day.

ESPN TrueHoop

Perhaps there is no better way o get a feel for all the teams in the league than with TrueHoop's "First Cup" every morning. With excerpts and links from beat writers and bloggers, you get a little taste of each local team. And my favorite part of "First Cup" - it's almost always up very early in the morning, before other blogs and websites, so it's a great way to start your day.

Yahoo Ball Don't Lie

My favorite posts at BDL are always the posts from Kelly Dwyer, even more so now that Trey has moved on to TBJ. Kelly is a fan of the Bulls, but more importantly an NBA fanatic, which helps make everything he writes worth reading. Extremely smart and knowledgeable is a great start, but you can tell KD is writing about a game he loves, and his writing will help you to better enjoy the games. Check in daily for KD's "Behind the Boxscore" and you'll see what I mean.

NBA Playbook

Nerd alert! Unless you really like the Xs and Os, this site might not be for you. But if you truly love the NBA and want to learn more about the way things happen on the court, this site is for you. Check in with this site if you want a video breakdown of specific plays and nuances. Personally, I cannot get enough of it. It helps me watch the game on a different (deeper) level. Please check out the site, and help out if you can!

The Works (on FanHouse)

This feature just started up in the off-season, but it has been great so far. A different and unique look into various aspects of the game. Worth a daily read for a different perspective of both on- and off-court issues.

I'm sure there are plenty more great NBA websites/blogs out there, as my less frequently visited sites also include: HoopsWorld, HoopsHype, SLAMOnline, and HoopSpeak. I also check in on these Bulls' sites regularly: BlogaBull and By The Horns. Hit up the comments and let me know what NBA and Bulls sites have made your rotation.


Kmart said...

I can't help but notice you left off ESPN's Heat Index?

2j said...

That actually made me laugh, or in text speak: "LOL" ...

But no, I think I will be passing on the Heat Index. However, I will click on it to link to it when the Heat lose game #11 for the season!

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