Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Bulls Links (Circus, Rose/Kirk, Salmons)

Bulls Knock Off Kings, Start "Circus Trip" 1-0

If I see one "Yeah, but they played the Kings! Without Kevin Martin!" comment, I swear to Walter Payton that I won't approve it. I don't care if it comes against the Lakers or if it comes against a team as woeful as Sacramento: for the Bulls, any win on the infamous Circus Trip is a reason to celebrate.

So, before we get any further, let's all take a second to commemorate the Bulls' unthinkable 1-0 start on the Road Trip From Hell by doing the Brad Miller taunt.

(And stretchhhhhhhhhhhhh. Feels good, doesn't it?)

If you just stood up at work to do that, you're my new hero.

I can't overstate how awful this Circus Trip is. The post-MJ Bulls are historically slow starters in the first place, but if any positive momentum were ever to exist, the Circus Trip surely killed it immediately.

Friendly rivalry

Derrick Rose and Kirk Hinrich might have their minds set on another game as the Bulls and Kings tip off tonight. That's because their game coincides with the Kansas-Memphis game taking place at about the same time in St. Louis.

Rose (a Memphis alum) and Hinrich (a Kansas alum) have been talking trash about the game all day. Actually, it sounds more as if Hinrich is doling out most of the trash talk -- his Jayhawks come into the game ranked No. 1 -- and Rose is just listening.

"All morning," Rose said after the shootaround when asked about the jawing. "All morning I've been hearing about it. Kirk, Kansas; me, Memphis. We're definitely going to be watching the game."

John Salmons Main Key To Chicago Bulls' Success

In a very underrated trade last season, the Bulls acquired John Salmons and Brad Miller from the Kings for Andres Nocioni, Drew Gooden, Cedric Simmons, and Michael Ruffin (although Ruffin was later traded to the Trail Blazers for Ike Diogu).

At first the move looked like it was made so the Bulls would finally have a true center that can score and pass the ball.

However, in the off-season the true meaning of this trade came to light. The front office execs. obviously took a look at the 2010 off season, one even the King has said has the potential to be "the most exciting ever," and asked themselves if Ben Gordon was worth the money that he'd be asking for.

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