Monday, November 23, 2009

I'm not going to do it...

I refuse.

I'm not jumping off the Jay Cutler bandwagon even though his performances haven't lived up to the (over the top) expectations of every Bears fan. How could I look myself in the mirror after begging for a franchise QB for my entire life, and want to cast him aside with yesterday's trash because the entire team/franchise is currently a goddam clusterfuck?

Cutler is my QB. And he's unquestionably the best thing the Bears have going for them. 18 interceptions and all.

The Bears sit at 4-6 right now...but where would they be without Cutler? 3-7, 2-8? probably. The defense is horrible. The offensive line is horrible. The running game is horrible. It's time we all stop talking ourselves into the idea of Devin Hester as a no. 1 wide receiver. It's almost insulting to WRs that have played for 10 years trying to master the position that the Bears felt they could take an elite athlete with a non-elite football IQ and turn him into the next Steve Smith.

I'm not going to put this all on Jay Cutler when the running game well under 3 yards per carry and going into Sunday night was ranked 30th in the league.

I'm not going to stick Jay Cutler with the blame when he has Ron Turner calling plays for him. The same Ron Turner that led the Bears to the 27th and 26th ranked offenses in terms of total yards the past two seasons (curently 19th). In 2006, the Super Bowl year, the Bears only cracked the top 15...the NFC Champion barely had a top 15 offense (thank the defense for that season).

I will blame Jay for making some poor decisions....but we knew we were getting the "gunslinger" type QB. We knew he had a high INT count....but the risk was and is still worth the reward. We've seen flashes of what can happen with him behind center (think Olsen's first TD against the Cardinals). The talent is there for once at the QB position. It's time to put some talent around him.

I will blame Jay for missing open receivers lately....but I won't blame him for rushing his throws because he hasn't received any protection all season, why would he think he has time to step into a throw? 8 times out of 10 he doesn't.

Jay Cutler is our quarterback...and we should still feel lucky to have him instead of Orton as the Broncos head towards a 6-10 record (bank on that). We're a better team with Jay...we're just not a great team overall right now. And the change needs to start at the top...Angelo, Lovie,'re all expendable at this point.


Kmart said...

It would be tough to can Angelo after finally sacking up and going out and getting us a quarterback.

However, we have serious holes everywhere. O-Line, D-Line, corner, saftey, receiver.We really have nothing.

Outside of Cutler, there's no one player you can point to and say you feel confident building a team around him, and without a first or second rounder this year, I don't see that changing anytime soon.

They will likely ride out this year, bring Lovie back and let him go down with next year's ship, since we likely won't be any better. Unless the Bears use their cap room to be serious players in the free agent market, we're going to be bad for a while.

DC said...

Angelo has almost been arrogant in his drafts by continuously trading down, taking small college unknowns and basically saying "our scouting is better than everyone else". It's missed more than it has hit and we're left with below average players across the board as either starters or serious contributors off the bench.

While I do applaud him for having the stones to make the Cutler deal, he's botched more than he's gotten right over the years and a fresh approach couldn't hurt.

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