Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Is Pauly heading to LA in a three team deal?

That's the rumor running around the interwebs and radio shows this morning. The rumor is detailed here on the Yahoo! rumor page. Basically, the Sox would send Konerko and some prospects to the Angels and Padres respectively for Adrian Gonzalez.

As much as I love Konerko because he is truly one of the good guys in Chicago sports and he was instrumental in bringing home the first baseball title in decades back to the Windy City, you have to make this deal as long as the price of prospects isn't too steep. Konerko is due to enter the twilight of his career and begin a 2-4 year stretch of bouncing between AL contenders as a DH for hire. The Sox need to get younger and Gonzalez certainly provides that as he is only 27 and ready to enter the prime of his career. He's only missed 3 games in the past 3 years and has been hitting a ton in a pitchers' ballpark down in San Diego.

One very interesting stat in this potential move, according to baseballreference.com, the third most similar hitter through the age of 27 to Gonzalez is......Paul Konerko. Konerko's 3 year average output from age 28-30 reads as follows:

.291/.372/.540 39 HRs, 110 RBIs

Would you want to trade Konerko for a younger, left handed hitting/fielding version of himself? I think I would.

Here's a link of the possible Sox prospects/current players that could be involved in this deal.


Pete said...

As a NL fan who gets to see Gonzalez atleast 6 times a year, he is the best player in the NL and possible the best player in the game. He put up those numbers in Petco half the time which is the worst place to hit in the majors. In a bandbox like the Cell, he might hit 60. Also, he is a gold glover. He is worth any price. Nothing not to like.

DC said...

Better than Pujols? Really?

Pete said...

alright maybe pujols and hanley ramirez. but besides them, them he is about as good as they get.

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