Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving (Bulls Links)

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Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah Dunk On Greg Oden
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No cause for worry yet about Bulls
It's an unconventional time to write this, but anybody overly concerned about the Bulls getting blown out by the Lakers, Nuggets and Trail Blazers in succession shouldn't be.

Oodles of legitimate concerns surround the Bulls: John Salmons' shooting percentage; Derrick Rose's limited penetration; injuries forcing heavy minutes upon a shortened rotation.

It's possible coach Vinny Del Negro had a hair out of place at Monday's morning shootaround too.

But losing to teams that clearly are above the Bulls' class shouldn't be that alarming. This -- pick a verb -- may bother, annoy, frustrate the most diehard of Bulls fans, but this season isn't going to end with an NBA Finals at the United Center.

And a 6-7 mark with one starter injured and Rose only recently showing flashes of attacking the rim consistently because of his own health issues isn't that surprising for a team that, after all, finished .500 last season.

Bulls make Rose's stripes see swoosh

Since the second half of the Lakers' game, Derrick Rose has looked more aggressive, more explosive and more like himself.

Thus, perhaps the location of Wednesday's Bulls practice isn't the best idea.

With Rose, an Adidas man through and through, just starting to look more comfortable, the Bulls are practicing on the Empire that Phil Knight Built. Yep, the Bulls are practicing on the Nike campus in Beaverton, Ore.

Rose chuckled when told this earlier this week. And this is a light-hearted way at looking at a more serious issue: The Bulls need Rose to permanently return to form.

Rose is 25 for 43 in his last 10 quarters, which is 58 percent. That's a percentage any shoe company would want to market.

"I just feel I've been more aggressive and not settling for so many jumpers," Rose said. "I'm looking to attack the rim."

Understand them; Hate them; Coaching cliches

I think Vinny Del Negro has done a nice job coaching up this team. They're overachieving in the areas that are a result of scheme and coaching and underachieving in the areas that are more about player talent and skill. As such, nice job Vinny, Bernie, Bob, etc.. One thing I can't stand though are the cliche reasons dropped after virtually every loss. They're the same ones dropped by all coaches.

We didn't move the ball well enough.

Sometimes this is true. Sometimes the team doesn't move the ball well enough. However, I haven't seen this with this Bulls team despite the fact this line has been dropped several times. In fact, the team seems to move the ball too much frequently. As much as people complain that Salmons is a ball stopper, there are at least four or five times a game he's got a wide open set three, and he passes out of it.

Young Chicago Bulls Finding West Coast Unkind

Every year the circus comes to Chicago, and that means an annual roadtrip for both the Bulls and Blackhawks.

And every year it seems as if both teams find themselves struggling while clowns and trapeze artists fill the United Center with laughs and cheers.

Well another season and another disappointment, at least for one of the Chicago teams.

While the Blackhawks have continued their hot home-stand (4-0 prior to the Circus Trip) with three straight victories on the road, the Bulls have been a different story.

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