Monday, December 21, 2009

Click-a-Bull (Rose, Noah, TT, Salmons/2010 Free Agency, Rose)

Derrick Rose Does GQ

If GQ magazine appearances translated into wins, the Chicago Bulls would have two. Sure, that doesn’t seem like a lot, but tell that to Bulls coach Vinny Del Negro who would probably trade all the Hennessy in the United Center for a victory these days.

A few weeks after teammate Joakim Noah scored the cover of GQ France with his corn pops. Derrick Rose will now appear in the January issue of the men’s magazine in the U.S.

Check out a few snaps of Derrick Rose getting his Derek Zoolander on, after the jump.

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Freshly Dipped: Style Lessons With D-Rose & KG:

This is a couple days old, but still worth paying attention to ...
Noah has second shot for shoulder
Joakim Noah revealed after the Bulls' win over the Knicks that he received another cortisone shot on Thursday.

It was his second such shot in the last two days. He received another one on Tuesday.

"I feel pretty good right now," the Bulls center said after the game. "My shoulder's bothering me a little bit, but I'm hoping that with a little bit of rehab, I'm hoping that it will heal. There's no time right now to sit out, so I feel like it's just important for me to find a way to heal. I don't know what I'm going to do. Epsom salt baths and just treatment and stuff like that."

Noah had 15 points and nine rebounds on Thursday night in the Bulls' 98-89 win over the Knicks.

Thomas could be ready to go on Saturday

Six weeks and a day after surgery to repair a fractured radius in his left forearm, Tyrus Thomas was scheduled to return to full-contact practice today at the Berto Center. If all goes well, the 6-9 forward could be ready for game action as soon as Saturday against the New Orleans Hornets.

With their busy schedule and limited bodies because of injury, the Bulls will have only a light practice session today, but likely will match Thomas against rookies James Johnson and Taj Gibson and other bench players for some half-court action afterward.

''Maybe a little two-on-two and see how he feels,'' coach Vinny Del Negro said of Thomas. ''He's been doing some non-contact shooting stuff and moving around, but we'll add some contact and see how he feels. After that I'll have a better gauge of what we're thinking.''

The Bulls play Monday (vs. Sacramento at the United Center) and Tuesday (in New York), but it's unlikely Thomas will get into either game.

K.C. Johnson's Bulls mailbag
If anyone ever needed a scouting report on my so-called game, just check the Knicks circa Thursday night. All 3-point chucking and no defense. I loved every bad shot. I'd cross halfcourt just so my Coach wouldn't yank me.

I need a favor. The next time you see D-Rose, please ask him what was he thinking letting GQ dress him up like "Popeye the Sailor"! -- Ira McCray II, Alsip

Given that I recently graduated from Garanimals, I'm not sure I'm your guy.

Obviously we all know that saying "John Salmons is struggling" is a huge understatement. Can you explain to me how this will affect the Bulls cap situation next year? I believe he has a player option for next year. Teams will probably not be knocking on his door during the offseason. Does this mean he's going to pick up his option and screw up our cap for next year? -- Gabe, Lakewood, N.J.

It could happen. Salmons has a player option for around $6 million next season and if he exercises it, the Bulls won't have enough money to offer the maximum salary to a free agent. Salmons is an independent thinker and has said he won't make his decision until season's end. But even if he might sacrifice a smaller annual salary, he might opt to get more guaranteed years, particularly with a possible work stoppage or, at least, new collective bargaining agreement upcoming.

Post-Game: Wait, Where Has THIS Been?
It's amazing what can happen in a basketball game where Derrick Rose plays like a man. All through the early part of this season he's been criticized for playing soft, not taking it to the cup enough, not taking charge. But tonight he did exactly that and his career-high 32 points fueled the Chicago Bulls to a huge overtime win over the streaking Atlanta Hawks.

I asked Derrick what's been the difference him lately, because he's been so much better getting to the basket lately than he was earlier on in the season. The answer was short and sweet: "My ankle feels better." He grinned through that answer, but also added that having John Salmons hitting more shots spreads the floor for him and makes it harder to pack the lane. Whatever the case, it's working, and the Bulls are starting to look a little bit better out there.

Defensively Chicago was very good, holding the league's fourth most potent offense (about 105.5 points per game) to only 98 points in an overtime game. The only problem was that nobody seemed able to find an answer for Joe Johnson, who finished the game with a whopping 40 points--a lot of which came in the fourth quarter when he was scoring at will. But that's all moot. A win's a win, and Chicago actually found a way to score some points tonight after having scored 100 only twice before this season.

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