Monday, December 7, 2009

Jack ties shoe...Bulls watch en route to losing by 4 touchdowns

This pretty much sums up the Bulls effort at this point in the year...;_ylt=Aj_4uPeG4upFR8gW19AzfK45nYcB?urn=nba,206950

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jammaster2j said...

Really wanted to post that link, but I only managed to tweet about it. Worth clicking and reading the ShamSports quote in that article ...

"That [play] basically summed up the whole game. The Bulls played worse than any team has ever played in any game at any standard in any season of any decade in any league in any country of any sport ever. They were listless, talentless and overmatched, with the playbook of a Corleggy cheese [...]

It's the only time I've ever turned a game because I couldn't stand to watch it. Bad, bad, bad times. If you happen to own or run an NBA team and are looking to hire someone to work 80 hour weeks as a professional nerd, hire me. Because then I can stop supporting the Bulls."

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