Tuesday, December 22, 2009

*Panic Button Pushed*

Lots of columns/articles/blogs out today calling out not only Vinny Del Negro, but the entire core of the Organization Gar, Pax and perhaps most specifically Uncle Jerry - and with good reason too. Last night's loss was one of the most embarrassing things I've ever seen. Pretty soul crushing to the point where I tried talking myself into one of my friends getting rich enough to pull a Mark Cuban and buy a team that I can become a fan of, so I can finally burn the bridge to the Bulls.

I even started thinking that I wish we never had Jordan, so I would have never known what pure greatness and dominance felt like every single night. I immediately regretted this thought entering my mind, although the fact that I even contemplated it is a testament to how much my Bulls faith has been shaken. It's not fair. And while it's completely understandable to go on a decade+ long drought in Milwaukee, Memphis, or some other 3rd tier market, it's not in Chicago. It's completely unacceptable, especially when you have been the most profitable team in the league for the last 20+ consecutive years.

I've had the privilege of working for the Bulls organization as a puppet for the idiots that show up to the United Center more entertained by the free t-shirts and free big macs than the product on the court. I can tell you with great certainty that there isn't a single competent person in that entire organization from top to bottom. The only person that worked there with half a brain was Brooks Boyer and as soon as Uncle Jerry realized this he made him an offer he couldn't refuse with his prized White Sox. The rest of that story is history as Brooks has gone on to become a star for the Sox, perhaps most famous for the "win or die trying" campaign.

In that time the Bulls have replaced Boyer with brilliant marketing campaigns such as "Love it Live" and the ever so insulting Norm Van Lier barbershop commercial that had Norm propping up opponents Kobe and LeBron as reasons to go see the Bulls.

If there wasn't enough evidence against Jerry, look no further than down the hall of the UC at Rocky Wirtz. Perhaps the best story in all of sports in the last decade. An original six team changes ownership, and thus the entire culture of the organization is transformed overnight after decades of incompetence and indifference.

I need this season to be over. I need to know what 2010 is going to bring, because I can't keep doing this. I bought back in thanks to the 1.7% miracle death row pardon, but I don't feel confident that anything is going to change after 2010. If you were a free agent would you want to play for this organization? Or for a fanbase that boos you if you don't get them a free big mac?

I certainly would not.

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PatrickRyan said...

This blog has lost a lot of credibility ever since Kmart started writing for it. Don't use this forum as a place to cry that you never got a HJ from a Luvabull or that Jessie White never let you join the tumblers at half-time.

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