Thursday, December 10, 2009

Interesting Poll Results

We recently posted an identical poll for both the Bears and the Bulls. The question: Would you rather the team

(a) win a bunch of games, get into the playoffs and make an early exit?


(b) lose a bunch of games, miss the playoffs, get the coach(es) fired, and start over next year?

We got the same number of votes in each poll, but completely opposite results.


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On the Bulls side, 65% of voters wanted the Bulls to make the playoffs, while only 35% wanted the Bulls to lose and get VDN fired. Compare that to the Bears side, where 65% of voters wanted the Bears to lose and get the coaches fired, while only 35% wanted the Bears to turn it around and make the playoffs.

So why the difference? I would guess that more people want to the Bulls to win and make the playoffs because it was earlier in the season and hopes were still high, plus there was excitement carrying over from the playoffs last year. People wanted the Bears to lose because expectations started high but they had been a huge disappointment, so people were giving up.

So am I right, or were there other reasons for the 2 different views? Let us know in the comments!

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