Wednesday, October 29, 2008

d-rose debut

saw this and thought i should post it ... even tho i think it's
terribly wrong about d-rose (link from truehoop)
David Berri of the Wages of Wins: "The model -- which looks at both
college and preseason performance -- projects that Derrick Rose, Brook
Lopez, Eric Gordon, Jerryd Bayless, Russell Westbrook, D.J. Augustin,
and Joe Alexander will be below average for rookies. And a below
average rookie is really not someone who will help a team win many

here is the espn game summary from last night-


from blogabull (who went to the game) -

david thorpe on espn had this to say about rose's debut -

Rose, who had 11 points and nine assists in 32 minutes of a 108-95 win
over the Bucks, looked much more adept as a distributor as the game
evolved. Most of his passes were easy ones (which means he wasn't
forcing them) but he did have a couple beautiful "dimes."

Derrick Rose showed some impressive moves in a winning debut.

• Rose looked for his shot far more than he looked to pass, early on.
He did make some nice passes in transition. Looking to score first is
smart -- it forces the defense to make a commitment because Rose is an
excellent finisher inside.

• He was more aggressive off the ball and in passing lanes on defense
than on the ball. He has the ability to be a real pest as a ballhawk.

• His off-the-ball habits, however, are poor. Too often he locked in
on the ball instead of "seeing both" -- having an awareness of the
ball and opponents. That leaves him very vulnerable to any type of

• Over-penetration will be a problem for him, partially because he can
get by anyone. But NBA bigs know how to put little guys in jail if
they don't release the ball early enough.

• Rose has that extra gear, like Monta Ellis and Leandro Barbosa. But
he's shiftier on the move, throwing shoulder fakes like a tailback
hitting open spaces. He reminds me of Dwyane Wade when he does that.

• He made a terrific above-the-rim rebound, then raced it up the floor
and got an easy bucket for a teammate. Exactly what Bulls GM John
Paxson and the coaching staff envisioned.

• He can finish with his left hand, off a bump.

• Rose mostly passed up catch-and-shoot attempts. He's much more
comfortable driving. But the few he took looked OK. He just needs

and a flurry of articles from the local papers -,0,4615320.story

"Words can't describe how it felt," Rose said. "I was just hoping I wouldn't trip because I was so excited. With the turnovers, I would have to give myself a C. We got the win, though.",0,2931000.column
On a dunk in the third, Rose went from 0 to 40 inches in a nanosecond. A few minutes later, he went around Bucks guard Luke Ridnour as if he were a traffic cone, got fouled and finished the three-point play.

"Man, the turnovers get to me," Rose said. "A perfect game for me is no turnovers, I don't care how many points and a whole bunch of assists.",CST-SPT-rick29.article,CST-SPT-bull29a.article

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