Thursday, October 23, 2008

rose will start!

first of all, why was this a question? who is the best pg on the bull ... kirk? obviously it's rose so that's who should start. the hughes injury makes that pretty much certain

hoopsworld was crazy with bull buzz today ...
Bulls Interested in Zach Randolph?
A league executive said that the Chicago Bulls have interest in New York Knicks forward Zach Randolph to solve their low-post scoring problems, but don’t have a package that would interest New York.

downplaying the inexperience of vdn - i kinda like the idea of a new coach, new system (and soon new identity) that rose can grow with. hopefully this works and rose and vdn will spend the next 12 years together winning 6 more titles

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DC said...

i don't want randolph's JailBlazer influence anywhere near Derrick Rose.

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