Friday, October 10, 2008

loss, and rose good (not great)

it took d-rose almost half of his freshman year to adjust at memphis, so i am expecting a fairly slow start. it took other pg's (ie cp3 and d-will) two or three years to get established.

things i liked:
the fast pace / pushing the ball
rose looked fast and explosive
rose carries himself like superstar
tt knocked down some jumpshots
(i cannot wait for the d-rose/tt pick-n-roll offense late this year and moving forward. if tt can nail jumpshots, it will open up lanes for him to slash after the screen ... and lead to quite a few oops, right?)

why did the bull (and all those other teams) pass on cdr??
do you think the bull passed on cdr because him and rose went to the same college? maybe they wanted to separate rose mentally from the college game / mindset?

change i can believe in ... small ball
and another reason i love d-rose -- small ball is the future, and d-rose is the perfect guy to build around. more teams are building around a small/slasher that can create for himself and others ... cp3, d-will, monta, wade, and tony parker all come to mind.

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