Thursday, October 2, 2008


bg signs qo --

interesting note from that article ... almost everyone who signs the qo ends up signing for the mid-level exception the following year. that might not apply b/c i think bg is the best player to turn down the long-term deal for the qo, but we'll see.

if the bull are truly trying to run a fast offense this year, can they go small and compete? alternatively, can they slow the game down and go extra big?

here's how i see them going small -
pg - rose
2 - ben
3 - luol
4 - ty
c - gooden

if the bull go big, they could trot out
pg - rose
2 - luol
3 - ty
4 - gooden
5 - noah

i'm not sure that ty can guard a 3, but if he has developed any post skills, it would create matchup problems on the other end also.

i would love to see them try the combo lineup with a big back-court / small front-court lineup with play luol at the 2 (a big 2 in a small lineup) and noc at the 3, and the rest of the small lineup listed above (rose, ty, gooden). that would be a very athletic, "small" team ... but would be big at the 2 and 3 spots. it would also get noc and luol out there, arguably 2 of our best players, and create all kinds of crazy matchup problems.

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