Friday, December 5, 2008

cost of larry hughes

2008 salary of larry hughes: $12,000,084
games played: 11
minutes played: 287 (26 mpg)
points: 132 (12 ppg)
- numbers from

the bulls are about 1/4 of the way thru the schedule, but larry missed some time with an injury.

assuming larry hughes plays the rest of the season, he will play about 74 games. assuming his current averages hold true, he will finish with:

1926 minutes played
888 points

that will cost the bull
$6250.57 per minute (the nba average is $3400 per minute) and about $13,513.60 per point scored

compare derrick rose (again assuming the avg holds true)

355 points (18.6 ppg) ... 1525 total points over 82 games
729 minutes (38 mpg) ... 3116 total minutes

@ $4,019,000 (guaranteed salary of #1 pick)

only $5513 per minute played (about $800 less than larry hughes) and $2635 per point scored (almost $10k less than larry)

rose v. oden ... update

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