Wednesday, December 17, 2008


truehoop's take on bull v bobcats ...

If you wanted to hear some guffaws, get some real deal basketball experts together and have them watch the closing minutes of last night's Bulls vs. Bobcats game. Seldom have I seen three entities -- the two teams and the officials -- compete so diligently for the "most disappointing performance of the game" award. ...

But, of course, the capper was that the game was essentially won with three D.J. Augustin free throws that replays show never should have been awarded.

blog-a-bull ...
This team will get better as it goes along, but it doesn't mean I can't stomp my feet until it happens.

and preview for tonight ...

Even with strong games from both Ben Gordon and Tyrus Thomas, our fearless leader showed that he was still human and had a dismal game by his standards which to say, was much better than the game that Larry Hughes had.

Regardless of the results of the game and the impending walk of shame after such a loss, we still have a game against another sub .500 team, the Los Angeles Clippers at home in the United Center.

Derrick Rose the All-Star?

This has come up quite a big in chat sessions of late. Is Derrick Rose an All-Star?

The first round of votes have been counted and it's already clear that the fans are not going to vote Rose into the big game, so the real question here is whether or not the coaches will select Rose to join the squad once the starters are officially announced. If the game were held tomorrow, the starting guards for the East would be Allen Iverson at the point and Dwyane Wade at the two.

So . . .who's next?

You're Phil Jackson. You're Jerry Sloan. You're Larry Brown.

Do you pick rookie Derrick Rose over NBA champion Ray Allen? How about in front of Devin Harris, who has taken the league by storm this season? Think Phil Jackson will pick a rookie over Rajon Rondo, who handed his team their hats in helping lead the Celtics to a title last season? What about perennial All-Star Vince Carter?

Still think Derrick Rose is getting into the All-Star game?

The bottom line is Rose will, indeed, be a part of the All-Star festivities in Phoenix. He'll be there with OJ Mayo, Greg Oden, and Michael Beasley. But it won't be Sunday night's game where you'll see Rose doing his thing. Rose, like every top rookie every other year, will be headlining the Friday night action during the Rookie/Sophomore Game. He'll probably lead the Rookies to a rare win, too.

But don't hold your breath waiting for the coaches to send Rose to the big game on Sunday night. His time will come, but not in 2009.

rose not in the top spot

It's easy to see Rose's deficiencies on defense right now. He's not nearly as interested on this side of the ball as he is when the ball is in his hands. He doesn't just struggle guarding some of the quick and crafty point guards, but also is far from understanding how to be a good helper.

This does not make him unique among rookies, as most rookies struggle defensively, but it does prove that he's not a superhero. Yet.

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