Monday, December 8, 2008

sad ...

apparently tyrus' time with the bull is running out. i would almost rather see vinny fired and start over next year with a coach that wants to use tt the way he should/can play, than trade him and see him turn into something great in another uniform. i feel like tt and luol can compliment d-rose so well if they have an offense that utilizes their skill set (rather than vdn's worhtless p&r/everyone is a spot up shooter offense)

possible trades that have been brought up recently -

kirk for mike miller

noc + thabo + future pick for brad miller

noc + thabo + future pick for kaman

(i would do all 3!)

also, the knicks want a guard (and obviously want cap space) - so would they take hughes + tt + pick for david lee? or even kirk + tt for lee??

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