Wednesday, December 3, 2008

first time "loving it live" this season

quick thoughts -

- d-rose is exceptionally fast/quick, especially with the ball. he made defenders look terrible a lot (he even dropped 2 with a crossover, but of course it's not in the highlights b/c we missed the open look it created. rose also seems like he'd be fun to play with. he kills himself trying to win.

- lindsey hunter is a player-coach, brought on to help rose learn the game, and seems to be doing a good job of it. there were multiple time-outs/huddles were he pulled d-rose to the side. i especially liked late in the game, an outlet went to ben "handles" gordon ... and lindsey was up screaming for rose to be more assertive and go get/demand the ball.

- FINALLY saw some explosiveness (not to mention an all around decent game) from TT.

- larry hughes is terrible.

- our best lineup = rose, gordon, noc, tt and gooden (possibly interchanging deng for either noc or tt)

DC's thoughts on the game -
1) Rose is ridiculously fast...Simmons is right, defenders are playing at least 5 feet off of him at all times and he still beats them off the dribble. when he develops a consistent jumpshot he'll be damn near unstoppable.
2) There are two guys who play well off of Rose on the team: Nocioni (who had a horrible game but knew where to be in order to get kickouts from rose) and gooden. everyone else is lost.
3) Gordon and Hughes are just plain terrible.
4) Lindsay Hunter literally yelling at Rose to go and take the ball from Gordon late in the 4th quarter right before Gordon turned it over. Rose needs to take a cue from Hunter and realize he needs the ball in his hands in key spots.
5) With 40 seconds left in the 4th quarter we're down 2 and the 76ers have the ball....Del Negro is screaming for us to foul Iguodala intentionally. Then he looks back and has to ask if the Bulls had any fouls to give, forgetting that the 76ers had been in the bonus for the last 7 minutes.
6) Del Harris told the whole bench to stand up for the last couple of possessions (Noah stands pretty much the whole time, as a side note)...the only player not to listen to this request: Larry Hughes
7) We're paying Luol Deng $12 million to be off the court during 4th quarter crunchtime and the entirely of overtime...good investment.

(dc and i obviously got our pics taken)

blogabull summed things up nicely -
Not the worst game I've seen, but that's only because I'm a Bulls fan so I see a lot of garbage

top 10 d-rose highlights

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