Saturday, January 2, 2010

Quick Reaction to Bulls Trade Rumor

Just got back from the north woods, so I am out of the loop on NBA / Bulls rumors ... but I just found this rumor:
I'm hearing [Caron] Butler and [Mike] James could be headed to either Miami or Chicago. Some of the pieces Washington could be trying to get back from Chicago, the source said, could be Kirk Hinrich and Jerome James. Before, the Wizards hadn't wanted to take on more money, but it appears that as they grow more desperate to turn things around, their main motivation is bringing in new life to kick-start a rebound.

My first thought was "what are the cap ramifications?" ... but it seems like we would be swapping Kirk's contract (about $8.5m per year for 3 years) for Caron's (about $10m per year for 2 years). So that shouldn't have a major effect on cap space this summer.

Next I thought the Wizards must be expecting a suspension for Agent Zero if they are looking for a point guard. (Also, I read that they might be "hoping" he is charged with a felony so they can get out of his awful contract - "the NBA, it's faaantastic").

Third (and most important), if the Bulls make this deal it would seem that they are going to go hard after Bosh this summer. I dount they would bring in another wing (adding to Luol, Salmons, JJ) and then try to lure someone like Wade or Joe Johnson here this summer. It would seem somewhat redundant to trade for an athletic wing player.

Definitely not complaining about going after Bosh ... I would LOVE to see Bosh and Rose running the pick-and-roll, with Deng and Caron spotting up and Noah crashing the boards.

Note: I will be tweeting during the Bulls/Magic game tonight ... @BullBearSock

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