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Click-a-Bull (Tyrus, Possible Trades, LeBron/Wade/Bosh)

At this point I've linked to about every possible Tyrus-trade-rumor, and I haven't been overwhelmed by anything. It's crazy to think that we once heard rumors of TT for Amare, or TT for Boozer. Now we are looking at expirings + draft picks ...

The only thing that makes this acceptable for me is that we clearly have no intentions of re-signing TT, so we have to get something before we let him walk away for nothing (see: BG). So getting a 1st round pick for a player we would let walk seems like a win, and I would have to be (relatively) happy with that. Really sad to finally/actually say it, but just take any offer that includes a 1st rounder and get it over with.


Everybody loves Tyrus (except, you know, the Bulls)
The Bulls might not want Tyrus Thomas anymore…but almost everybody else does. At least that’s how it seems. And thanks to the way Thomas recently freaked out on Vinny Del Negro – not to mention how he claimed to have no regrets about freaking out – potential trade partners are crawling from under rocks and out of dark corners. Hey, who doesn’t love a high-potential, under-performing, emotionally volatile project? Am I right?

According to Adrian Wajnarowski of Yahoo! Sports: “Everyone understood Chicago executives are now determined to move Thomas, and a clear price has been established for suitors: Expiring contracts and a future first-round draft pick, league sources told Yahoo! Sports. The Bulls are also exploring ways to package Thomas with guard Kirk Hinrich to free themselves of his contract.”

Wajnarowski continued: “Bulls management is telling teams they expect to take the bidding right to the Feb. 18 deadline. The Bulls want to avoid the possibility of Thomas accepting a $6.2 million qualifying offer on the eve of this summer’s free agency, which would deliver a major dent to their salary-cap space. Thomas, 23, will be a restricted free agent this summer.”

Chicago’s end-game is clear: Add a superstar — Dwyane Wade? Chris Bosh? Amar’e Stoudemire? — and another star or semi-star next summer. Oh, and a blue-chip draftee wouldn’t hurt, either. And players who aren’t part of that solution are part of the problem. Even if they don’t scream at the coach. (Sorry, Kirk. That’s just the way it is. It doesn’t mean we don’t love you. Or at least like you. Or at the very worst tolerate you.)

Here are some possible trade buddies who may be in the running for Chicago’s enigmatic big man:

Bulls trade talk to heat up

At 25-26, the Bulls' record is three games better than last season's after 51 games.

However, this season could feature a trade based more on saving money than salvaging a season.

Last season's bold acquisition of Brad Miller and John Salmons rejuvenated the Bulls, led to a 17-11 finish and, of course, the stirring seven-game playoff loss to the Celtics.

This year, Salmons, Kirk Hinrich or Tyrus Thomas could be moved for anonymous, non-impact players whose best attribute is their expiring contract.

The Tribune had reported previously that the Nuggets, Trail Blazers and Spurs have expressed interest in Thomas and Yahoo! Sports' report early Thursday of specific offers — Acie Law, Flip Murray and a first-round pick from the Bobcats; Steve Blake or Travis Outlaw and two second-round picks from the Blazers — speaks to the type of salary dumps the Bulls might maneuver.

Thus, it's impossible to predict how the Bulls' final 31 games will play out. But here are three things that have to happen for a repeat playoff performance and three things to watch until July 1:

What must happen

• Joakim Noah has to get healthy.

The Chicago Bulls Can Get Lebron James, Dwayne Wade and/or Chris Bosh in 2010

All Bulls fans have one dream: Lebron James, Dwayne Wade, and/or Chris Bosh to the Bulls in 2010.

Bill Simmons has even recently said on his podcast that he thinks Chicago makes the most sense for LeBron in 2010.

Anyone who has been a Bulls fan over the last five years, knows the drill. Aside from the 2006-2007 season, we have made the playoffs. That's four out of five years. In every other single year we have finished between 41-49 wins.

We have only won one playoff series in that span.

I'm sick of it. I think it's high time to blow things up, and build around Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah.

Let's trade Luol Deng for LeBron James. Unfortunately, the Cavaliers won't accept a straight up trade.

But, 2010 is the year to do this happen.


We need to shed as much cap space as possible.

It I had my choice, I'd get rid of nearly entire player off the Bulls roster for expiring contracts.

Kirk Hinrich? Gone.

John Salmons? Gone.

Luol Deng? Gone.

If we can turn those three players into expiring deals, the Bulls would have more than enough cap space to sign two max players in the summer.

Or, maybe not ...

Bosh: I'm the kind of player you can build around

Don’t expect Chris Bosh to reveal his free-agent plans during his All-Star homecoming in Big D.

The Dallas native continues to insist that he doesn’t yet “have an answer” no matter how many people ask him to declare his intentions now.

He also notes that “things you like and dislike change daily,” which Bosh says makes it “impossible almost to not only predict the future but predict your feelings” when free agency is still more than four months away.

Bosh, though, did have some encouraging words for the Raptors’ edgy fan base to balance out the open-to-interpretation nature of those quotes when he sat down Thursday to tape an interview for ESPN Radio’s “Meet The All-Stars” show that airs Saturday night at 6 p.m.

First Bosh scoffed at folks who think he’s already made his decision to leave the league’s only Canadian franchise.

“He’s gone, it’s over, it’s done,” Bosh said in a mocking tone.

Then Bosh revealed that he’s not necessarily interested in playing anywhere that he’s not the clear-cut franchise player.

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