Monday, February 1, 2010

When all else fails, hire the guy you could've had immediately but clearly didn't want

Mike Martz hired as Bears Offensive Coordinator - Chicago Tribune
Twenty-seven days after the Bears set out to find a new offensive coordinator, they have hired a man who was one of the most logical choices from the start, passing wizard Mike Martz.

Martz will be charged with turning around the Bears' dismal offense and doing it quickly with quarterback Jay Cutler, someone he was pining to work with even during last season.

Martz becomes the third offensive coordinator during the Lovie Smith era and potentially the last if the coaching staff doesn't turn things around. That's what the press conference the team held Jan. 5 insinuated. Team president Ted Phillips has demanded an immediate turnaround after three straight seasons without a trip to the playoffs.

I made my thoughts known about what seemed to be the inevitable copout of hiring Martz, so I don't have much to say. Except that Greg Olsen better spruce up his resume, because I don't even know if Martz knows how to pronounce "tight end". This will not end well.


Kmart said...

Devin Hester can't even read... how is he going to understand a Mike Martz playbook?

Kmart said...
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