Tuesday, February 16, 2010

NBA Fantasy - Auction Keeper League: All-Star Break Update

As you probably know, all 3 BBS writers are in the same Fantasy League this year. Other than the Bulls and Kevin Durant, it is my favorite thing about the NBA. Here are the basic rules and my pre-season predictions.

DC was running away with the league, then Collins and Fil made some big trades, so those 3 should battle for the top spot in the second half of the season. Spots 3-8 in the league are volatile with people swinging 2-3 places each day. Keeps everything interesting. Before the season started, I predicted how things would finish, putting everyone into groups of 3, followed by current place in parenthesis:

My team - Projected finish: 1. (T-4)

I spent most of the first 2 months in last place, but currently sit in 4th. My first major change was quitting on assists, and not playing a PG - that let me play KD and Joe Johnson as my guards. I moved up in scoring and boards as a result, but have since swapped JJ for S-Jax and David West.

Current line-up:
C Amare Stoudemire, Pho C, PF
G Kevin Durant, OKC SG, SF
G Stephen Jackson, Cha SG, SF
F Kevin Love, Min PF
F Danilo Gallinari, NY SF, PF DTD
UTIL David West, Nor PF


D-Rock - Projected finish: 4-6. (6)

D-Rock swapped D-Howard for Melo (other pieces were involved), and currently sits in 6th place with this lineup:

C Tim Duncan, SA C, PF
G Andre Iguodala, Phi SG, SF
G Baron Davis, LAC PG
F Carmelo Anthony, Den SF DTD
F Andrei Kirilenko, Uta SF, PF
UTIL Lamar Odom, LAL PF, SF

If Linker and Odom can stay hot, D-Rock has a chance to make a run.


Gasser - Projected finish: 7-9. (8)

Gasser was the other half of the Howard/Melo trade, which took him from 1st in FT% to dead last. Gasser also got Joe Johnson in a trade with me (as mentioned above). His team currently looks like this:

C Dwight Howard, Orl C [Recent News]
G Kobe Bryant, LAL SG DTD [Breaking News]
G Rajon Rondo, Bos PG
F Rashard Lewis, Orl SF, PF
F Joe Johnson, Atl SG, SF DTD
UTIL Derrick Rose, Chi PG DTD [Breaking News]


Kmart - Projected finish: 4-6. (7)

Kmart has made some big trades ... one that killed his team, and another that just occurred over the break. The team killer: traded Chauncey for Gilbert and KG. Recently traded D-Wade and KG for Maggette and Nash - so to tally that up, he went from a backcourt of Chauncey and Wade to a Maggette and Nash. His team now looks like this:

C Brook Lopez, NJ C
G Aaron Brooks, Hou PG
G Steve Nash, Pho PG
F Al Horford, Atl C, PF
F Corey Maggette, GS SF DTD [Breaking News]
UTIL Kevin Martin, Sac SG

(Note: He has Joa-Noah, but he is out with plantar fasciitis)


PC - Projected finish: 1-3. (2)

PC has made some major moves. The only two players he drafted that remain on his team are LeBron and Rudy Gay. Current team:

C Marc Gasol, Mem C
G Tyreke Evans, Sac PG, SG
G Chauncey Billups, Den PG
F LeBron James, Cle SF
F Rudy Gay, Mem SF
UTIL Paul Pierce, Bos SF, SG DTD

Legit team, should make a strong push for 1st place.


Sacks - Projected finish: 7-9. (T-4)

Sacks' team has been a surprise, as Z-Bo and Kaman have really helped, and wasn't hurt too badly by Granger's injury. Current team:

C Chris Kaman, LAC C
G Deron Williams, Uta PG
G Darren Collison, Nor PG
F Danny Granger, Ind SF
F Josh Smith, Atl PF, SF
UTIL Zach Randolph, Mem PF

No idea if his team can keep it up, but they've played well so far, so no reason to assume they won't continue. Sacks and I could stay close and battle for 4th place pride til the end.


DC - Projected finish: 4-6. (1)

DC started the season hot, and has since come back to earth. He has stayed in first place, but who knows how long CP3 will be out? I predict a slight slide for DC, but his team should battle Fil and PC for first place. Current roster:

C Jermaine O'Neal, Mia C
G Jamal Crawford, Atl SG, PG DTD [Breaking News]
G Russell Westbrook, OKC PG
F Carlos Boozer, Uta PF
F Chris Bosh, Tor PF, C [Breaking News]
UTIL Luol Deng, Chi SF

(Note: Entire bench is hurt, including CP3)


Big Fil - Projected finish: 1-3. (3)

Fil has made some huge trades, and currently has this roster:

C Samuel Dalembert, Phi C
G Anthony Morrow, GS SG, SF
G Dwyane Wade, Mia SG
F Gerald Wallace, Cha SF, PF
F Pau Gasol, LAL PF, C
UTIL Al Jefferson, Min C, PF

With Pau at full strength and D-Wade in the backcourt, Fil should make a run at 1st place.

(Note: B-Roy is injured on Fil's bench)


Catron - Projected finish: 7-9. (9)

Catron took over last when I moved up, and has been stuck in the cellar. Current roster:

C David Lee, NY PF, C
G Stephen Curry, GS PG, SG
G Jason Kidd, Dal PG
F Dirk Nowitzki, Dal PF
F Caron Butler, Dal SF
UTIL Jason Terry, Dal SG, PG

Really dependent on the Mavs, so who knows if he can move up? Should be able to jump into that 4-8 group because everyone is really tight in the standings.

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DC said...

My team looks awful in this post. besides CP3 i also have Mo Williams and Monta Ellis hurt (Ellis visited Dr James Andrews so if he's out long term, you can pretty much write me off. can't survive too long with this many injuries).

Collins' team is the best in the league right now for sure.

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