Thursday, May 7, 2009

Bulls Future

BlogaBull weighs in on BG -

After watching Houston turn into a great team after losing T-Mac, I have to ask you guys to consider for just one second Ben Gordon being replaceable. I have to say he has been my favorite Bull since he was drafted and no matter how much people would talk about his defensive deficiencies and streaky shooting, I loved him and wanted the bulls to keep him as our starting shooting guard. However, with the emergence of Derrick Rose, the void for a superstar has been filled and has allowed me to look at Ben Gordon without being biased.

I have to say I would love having Ben Gordon as a bull, just not as our starting shooting guard and would not break the bank for him. You have to look around the league at the starting 2 guards for playoff teams and you will see as much as offense is coveted, unless the player can play defense, he is most often coming off the bench to provide a spark when the first/second options are on the bench. I mean Antoine Wright is starting for the MAVS...come on. The only one I can think of off the top of my head who does not fit this mold is JR Smith but at least he doesn't have to work as hard as Gordon on defense to make up the 6-7 inches he sometimes gives up. As many other people have said before, our other 4 positions are not good enough to make up for Gordon which is different in Denver.

Gordon has said recently it's not so much about starting as it is about money, respect so I do not think he'd be as opposed to coming off the bench as he was earlier in his career. Plus, I do think he can play with Rose as this has been his most consistent year. He is a real problem for teams bringing in their second units and having to worry about a guy that can go off and extend a lead or bring us back fast. I think rather than Salmons starting, Hinrich should take the starting 2-guard spot. He has really improved his catch and shoot skills and still provides us a guy that can handle the ball and dish (I kno some of u complain abt his lack of vision but he is a huge upgrade in this regard over Salmons and Gordon) while Rose is out there with him.

On the other hand, if we lose Gordon because some team pays him crazy money, I don't think the Bulls are in a position to mortgage their future on this guy. He is not a superstar and he is not worth having two bad contracts on your team crippling you from making big splashes when oppurtunities are there. From a contracts standpoint, Pax has put us in a great position overall (except for Deng...*shudders*) and Gordon is not irreplaceable. So if the asking price is too much, let him go and move on and don't fret about it. If you can replace T-mac's or iverson's scoring and become a better team, we don't have that much to worry about.

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Fixing the Bulls -
What started as another dismal-looking season for the Chicago Bulls ended in of the most vibrant bursts of postseason fire in NBA
Playoffs history. This year was like a good novel—an interesting cast of characters gets tossed into conflict and are forced to undergo a series of events en route to a relatively happy ending. There are heroes, villains, and everything in between. The Bulls were one of this year's most interesting stories, but are they good enough to compete for a championship right now? Not likely, which means there are changes headed for Chi-town just beyond the horizon…

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