Monday, May 4, 2009

How can you not love this kid?

From the Chicago Tribune this morning:
Derrick Rose: No need to worry about the Rookie of the Year resting on his laurels. He planned a Sunday night solo workout at the Berto Center. "My shot isn't going to get better without me working on it," Rose said. He remains the franchise's centerpiece.

That's exactly what I want to hear out of Rose. He is our best player and needs to become a team leader. No better way than to lead by example after a tough playoff series and get back to work to fix one of the few holes in his game: perimeter shooting. Point guards around the league should be terrified of a Derrick Rose with a jump shot.

Noah seems to have the same idea:
Joakim Noah: He's debating a short stint with the French national team, said he'd practice but not play with the Bulls' summer league team and will train at the prestigious IMG Academy in Florida. "If I can take one thing from this series, I was on the floor on my [butt] a lot," Noah said. "And I feel beat up. So I have to get stronger. I added weight between my first and second years, but it wasn't good weight. I wasn't in good shape. I kind of went on a little world tour last year and it slowed me down." That won't happen again.

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