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Game 6 Reactions

Double-dip: Halftime (angry rant) and post-game (game recap in text message form) blog posts at BBS.

As I began this post, I receive this g-chat from Kmart: dude... love being a bulls fan
they gave him the mic at the end of the game to which he just screamed "WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO"

For the record:
- Vinny sucks at inbound plays.
- The refs suck at reffing.
- Rondo should have been tossed.
- BG was more of a black hole than usual.
- Salmons and Rose played great.
- The refs suck at reffing (needs to be said twice).
- Rondo goal-tended Kirk's layup. (Prove me wrong Celtics fans)
- KG sticks his chin out like he's taking a shot in the face (you know what I'm talking about), but only when the Celtics are up. As Stacey King said: "He's a front-runner"
- JoaNoah to Paul Pierce (again quoting Stacey): "POSTER!"
- This series is epic.

Now for some links ...

Net Reaction
. (Click this, it's a flurry of links about the game from around the internets).

TrueHoop reaction/tribute -
When people play like Joakim Noah -- with constant energy, but not all that much polish -- the idea is that the constant effort pays off. Boy did it ever. He works a thousand straight plays trying to create havoc however he can, and comes up with not just a huge steal, but then outraces Paul Pierce to the hoop (the Celtics need an athleticism injection) for a key basket and the ensuing foul, after fouling Paul Pierce out of the game. The free throw was no small feat, either -- that point ended up changing the whole close of the game, and Noah's sometimes a wobbly foul shooter.

Recap -
One more overtime thriller has the Chicago Bulls and Boston Celtics headed for a Game 7. Seems only fitting for this series.

Derrick Rose scored 28 points and blocked Rajon Rondo's potential game-winner, John Salmons scored 35, and the Bulls beat the defending champions 128-127 in triple overtime Thursday night to even the first-round series.

Ray Allen scored a career playoff-high 51 points for the Celtics, but it's back to Boston for Game 7 on Saturday night after another instant classic in a series that had already seen its share of drama.

Reaction to a classic
I don't know how I'm supposed to go back to watching normal basketball after this.

I've been obsessing over this game for years. I've been poring over every minute of playoff action my entire life. I've made a point to keep up on everything that happened before my time. I've seen fire, and I've seen rain. I have never seen a series like this, and we still have a game to go.

Apologies for burying the lede, but the Chicago Bulls defeated the Boston Celtics in a triple overtime classic that has left me trading text messages with shaky hands, and needing to take a shower after I finish this post. I mean that. The game was all you could ask for from the very beginning, with dozens of phenomenal plays and soul-killing mistakes on either end. This was an absolute dogfight between two teams that appear to want nothing more than to line up for a jump ball to start yet another overtime.

And then another overtime, after that.

Noah Way! -
The United Center is not breathing any easier, not even after Brad Miller hits two free throws to make it 118-115 with 16.9 seconds left. And I think you know why.

Allen is unbelievable. You have no idea when he's going to release his shot. The Bulls certainly don't. His three-pointer from the left side over a switching Kirk Hinrich touches nothing but net with 7.6 seconds left, the game tied 118-118. The Bulls bungle away the last ticks of the clock.

Triple overtime -- now there's something new.

With less than two minutes left in the third extra period, Allen hits a jumper to tie it 123-123. He has 51 points. If the Bulls are going to go out like this, what else do you do other than nod and say you witnessed greatness?

But then out of nowhere comes Joakim Noah, all 6 feet 11 inches of him, stretching out a long arm and knocking the ball loose on the defensive end, taking it all the way, dunking over Pierce for a three-point play and a 126-123 lead with 35.5 seconds left. You nod and say the kid, for all his past goofiness, deserves his props.

JoaNoah deserves it! Hopefully Bulls fans will see him for what he is now, a legit NBA Center. He has his offensive problems, but do we need that from him?! He is an energy player, who should be appreciated for his hustle and rebounds and blocked shots. It will never be pretty, but he's our kind of player, and hopefully Bulls fans will appreciate his antics for the next decade!

Wow! -
This Eastern Conference quarterfinal series has changed time zones and blood pressures, featured stunning individual performances and selfless team play and traveled through six indescribable games to lead to one fitting conclusion:

Game 7.

Win or go home. Put up or shut up. Any cliché fits for a series that has been anything but.

The Bulls forced this scintillating scenario with -- and this is not a typo -- a triple-overtime thriller, a 128-127, adjective-exhausting victory over the Celtics before an eardrum-affecting crowd of 23,430 at the United Center.

Too much -
When this thing went into overtime -- again -- we passed right through the realm of entertainment into the arena of classic.

When Game 6 at the crazed United Center between the Bulls and Celtics went into double overtime, we reached the world of mental and physical exhaustion.

And I'm talking about simply watching!

Six overtimes, and counting, in six games? With overtime No. 3 on its way? Making seven total overtimes? Series tied, heading to Boston for the Saturday finale?

If the NBA could produce more drama on a wooden floor, it would have to use gasoline and gunpowder. 'Whatever overtime it was,' Bulls coach Vinny Del Negro said afterward. He was trying to describe some key play, some key shot, but it was all a blur.

Recap -
Leading by eight after an 18-point run in the fourth quarter, the Boston Celtics looked like they were finally ready to move past the Chicago Bulls.

Instead, a classic first-round series took its most dramatic turn and is headed for a Game 7 that seems so fitting. The way things have been going, overtime seems almost a certainty.

Derrick Rose scored 28 points and blocked Rajon Rondo's potential game-winner, John Salmons scored 35, and the Bulls beat the defending champions 128-127 in triple overtime Thursday night to even the first-round series.

Ray Allen scored a career playoff-high 51 points for the Celtics, but it's back to Boston for Game 7 on Saturday night after another classic in a series that had already seen its share.

"We're starting to see a pattern with these two clubs and it's crazy," Boston's Paul Pierce
said. "It's good for the fans. It's good for the viewers. But we certainly don't like it."

Of course the whiny bitches from Boston don't like it, but our Bulls our LOVING it and enjoying it. Just ask JoaNoah -
''It's emotional -- at the same time, I understand we haven't accomplished anything yet,'' Noah said. ''I'm really excited we're still alive. We were really close to death today. ... It's such a roller coaster, but I'm having so much fun out there.''

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mike catron said...

I thought the big Homer Simmons summed it up nicely in between whining:

"All that matters is winning the most incredible playoff series ever played. I don't even care what happens after Game 7; we can't beat the LeBrons anyway. This is our NBA Finals. Right here. The Celtics fans feel that way, and so do the Bulls fans. I can promise you."

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