Sunday, November 7, 2010

AudiBull (Podcast) Episode 1 Links / iTunes

For those that haven't heard, BBS recently partnered up with CraicBackLive (at BlogTalkRadio) to create a podcast. CraicBackLive is a regular live podcast about ND and college football, but they have opened their doors (mics?) to Kmart and I so that we can offer a podcast about our beloved Chicago Bulls.

First, we want to thanks CraicBackLive, and recommend that everyone check out their college football podcast on a regular basis.

Second, Kmart and I made our first attempt at a podcast today. It was a lot of fun, but we have some work to do to make it better. We apologize for any technical/sound difficulties, and will try to work these things out as we go. We are grateful for the opportunity from CraicBackLive, and would appreciate any feedback/comments/suggestions from any listeners. As I said, this was our first attempt, and we would love any information to make this better as we go forward.

Here are the links for "AudiBull: Episode 1":

Our host: CraicBackLive

Kmart and I discussing the Bulls' season thus far:
AudiBull: Episode 1

iTunes AudiBull Episode 1

Special thanks to Ryan (@ryeryeryecom) for the "AudiBull Theme Song". Follow Kmart (@kmartbbs) and me (@bullbearsock) on twitter!

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