Friday, November 5, 2010

Week 9: Bears, please dont ruin my sunday

Sunday the bears play the only winless team in the NFL. The bills arent good but they have taken their last two opponents into overtime. The bears are coming off a bye and should be over prepared for the Bills. Here's what to look for:

1. Forte v. Bills - The bills have the worst rush defense in the league. I'm praying that Martz used the 2 off weeks to realize this and rams the ball down their throat. If Forte and Taylor dont have a combined 25+ rushes this week, then Martz is dumber than we thought and something has gone terribly wrong with the game.
2. The Harvard Grad v. Bears' safeties. Ryan Fitzpatrick, the bills QB went to Harvard. This probably makes him smarter than Chris Harris & Danieal Manning combined. Their passing game has been on fire and they have a couple of deep threats in Johnson & Evans. If Fitzpatrick can figure out want the bears safeties will be doing pre-snap, the pass defense could be in big trouble.
3. Dynamic Return Men. The bills have Roscoe Parrish and the bears have Hester and Manning. All of these guys are threats to take it to the house whenever they touch the ball on returns. One of them will have a big return impacting the outcome of the game. Lets hope its a bear.

Keys for the Bears:
1. Run the ball. I would Lovie had to go to Martz in the bye week and say that this team is better when it runs the ball. It helps in all facets of the game. The bears need to have some semblance of balance in play calling to help stop other teams from just strictly rushing the passer. Look for what I would hope that we will see running plays called atleast 45% of the offensive snaps on sunday.
2. Julius Peppers, get on the board. Pepper has been good but he last had a sack in week 4. That was 3 games ago. The bears didnt pay him as the highest paid DE in the game to be good. He has to great and get sacks!! Put the QB on his ass, i dont care if he is getting triple teamed.
3. Win the turnover battle. No, I swear I havent been taking cues from Lovie. But the bills only have 1 interception on the year and their offense is prone to being careless with the ball. The bears should be able to force turnovers and hold on to the ball and win this battle in a big way.

Hero of the Day: Matt Forte
Call me crazy but I really do believe the bears are gonna come out running the ball. I think this can be a huge game for Forte much like the Carolina game. I expect atleast 100 yds and a TD. The better he is the more pressure it takes off Culter and the offensive line.

Prediction: Bears 24, Bills 17.
This is tighter game than I wanted to predict or than I have seen experts picking but I have watched parts of the Bills game the last 2 weeks and their offense has really impressed me. I think this is a more dangerous game than people are giving it credit and I think it will be a tight one until the bears can finally wear away the Bills defense in the 4th quarter. Bill Brumett, your favorite team is going down.

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