Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Oh my god, is that DC's music?

I'm back and apparently still have posting rights. It's been awhile. Going to try and post more now that the weather is turning and I'll be sitting on my couch more than usual.


Last night's Rockets game reminded me how much I miss having Brad Miller's slow pump fake in our offensive arsenal. I even named my fantasy team Brad Miller's Pump Fake this year...not that anyone gives a shit about my fantasy team.

Anyways it was good to see Miller again and seeing that he was still up to his old tricks. Especially the "trailing the break, top-of-the-key jumper". Shouldn't anyone who hits that shot have to mail Rasheed Wallace $5 every time it works? I feel like he has a patent on that. Ran across this link this morning, it's hilarious and true: The Brad Miller Offensive Playbook

Quick thoughts from the first game of the circus trip:

- Rose is playing himself into MVP contention...he was right before the season, why shouldn't he be the MVP? Was absolutely unstoppable when he came back in the 4th. He would have topped 40 pts and a new career high were if not for the foul trouble (hey thibs, let's not use our best player for a needless foul before halftime in the future....mmmkay? great.)

- OMER COMIN'! Omer Asik is earning (and rightfully so) Thib's confidence on the court. He's getting the fouling a bit under control and he is becoming a presence off the bench. As Blogabull pointed out after the game last night: "Nearly 18 minutes for Asik tonight, and he's looking like a second-round steal."

- Bulls shot better from 3 than from the stripe. This is a trend that can't continue. This game could have been locked up with 4 minutes to go if they had shot better from the line. They hit some down the stretch when they needed them, so it's not all bad...but still should be better.

- That's the Ronnie Brewer we signed. For the first time all season he looked comfortable on both ends of the court. I love his defense and I LOVE how he floats along the baseline on offense....that should lead to lots of easy buckets off of Rose drives and when the D collapses on Noah and, soon, Boozer in the post. Good to see him have a nice game...should be a confidence builder.

Up next, San Antonio's ageless wonders. Not a team you want to play on the tail end of a back-to-back. A very well organized, veteran team that knows how to win. Will be a great test for this young and still Boozer-less Bulls team.

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