Monday, November 22, 2010

Bulls jump above some south Florida team in the ESPN Power Rankings

Bulls took a (deserved) big jump from 12 to 7 in this week's ESPN Power Rankings. After a, 3rd quarter in San Antonio notwithstanding, very impressive start to the dreaded "Circus Trip" I am not surprised by this at all. If they can beat the Lakers tomorrow night in LA I think it would cement them as a top 5 team in the league right now...and even better when Boozer comes back. Here's the blurb they received in the power rankings:
When Boozer comes back to join the long and rangy Noah and Gibson -- and especially if D-Rose starts getting to the line more than 5.5 times per game like he deserves-- these guys can challenge in the East. This season
I love this statement about Derrick Rose's lack of ref respect. I try not to complain about the refs too much (but it is the NBA and the refs are largely atrocious on a nightly basis...looking at you, Mr. Crawford) but it is getting laughable the lack of respect that Derrick Rose receives from the zebras on drives in the lane.

If you compare the fouls called on the Bulls against the Spurs (many which turned into and-1s) and the no calls Rose couldn't get it's just ridiculous. Touch fouls called for Parker/Hill/Ginobili...Rose drawing significant contact and nothing. (Note: not saying that is why the Bulls lost, they played brutally in the 3rd Q...but it was an obvious trend)

Rose not getting to the line isn't new...Exhibit A and Exhibit B. But it's certainly getting old. I'm not asking for the "superstar" calls that many big names get undeservedly...I just want the legit calls to be made.


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