Monday, November 8, 2010

Week 9 Bears Review

The bears beat the bills. It wasnt an exciting game. It was close the whole way and the bears managed to pull it out in the end. However, there were some very encouraging signs from the bears. Sidenote: Lovie's teams still arent noticeable better coming off a bye.

The Good:
1. The offensive line - Yep, this is probably the first time of the season the O-line was a positive. Look this group will never be great. Heck, they might not even be good but they can become a serviceable or average offensive line. Thats pretty much what they were which was a huge improvement from what they have been. They only let up 1 sack and wore down the bills defense in the 2nd half. Hopefully, this is a sign of things to come.
2. Jay Cutler's feet. Cutler had a great day of movement. Not just his scrambling ability on which he picked up 2 first downs was impressive but the way he moved around in the pocket. He rolled both ways and moved in the pocket effectively to avoid pressure. He looked like a quarterback who was comfortable in the pocket and in the offense.
3. Tim Jennings. I'm not sure enough can be said about his play at corner this year. Not only did he make a great inception but the guy constantly sticks his nose in run support and did pretty well in coverage. He gets his hands in on a lot of throws and likes to hit guys. About all you can ask for in a corner in Lovie's defense.

The Bad
1. As good as Jennings has been this year, (and it pains me to say this) Peanut Tillman has been almost as bad. I love Peanut and he has a unique ability to punch the ball out (most forced fumbles in the in last decade) but he probably shouldnt be a starting corner. He has lost a step and Bills WR Steve Johnson had a career day mostly matched up against Tillman. I'm not sure the bears have a better option at corner with zack bowman injured but I think very soon Tillman should be moved to free safety or nickelback to make this defense better.
2. The DTs. One of my keys to this game was Peppers so I specifically watched the D-line most of the game. Peppers and Idonije were being chipped or double teamed most of the game which would have left the bears DTs 1 on 1 against O-linemen. Sadly, the DTs didnt make many plays and got almost no pressure up the middle. They have been stout against the run but they havent gotten penetration either in the run or pass game. Tommie Harris is a ghost of DT and Adams and Toeneia are solid players but with Harrison not dressing there isnt a whole lot of talent at DT and it shows.

The Encouraging:
1. Martz, I want to shake your hand cause that was a great game plan. You ran the ball 25 times and called passing plays that allowed your QB to make quick decisions. You also called roll outs and got the ball to your best playmakers. Olsen was targeted 8 times and caught a TD. Taylor was used near the goalline and ran one in. I hope this type of game planning continues because in the weather of december at soldier's field this will win us games.
2. Earl Bennett. For me, there is no question who the bears's best WR is. Mr. Bennett. He runs good routes, is always wear he needs to be (runs past the first down marker on 3rd down) and catches everything. He keeps improving and is the type of WR that Martz's offense needs. Look for better and better things from Earl.

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