Thursday, May 14, 2009

Willy ...

Proof dogs aren't that smart.


The new "Where Amazing Happens" commercial with Shaq and Kobe ...

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This idea would be awesome if they did it with Jordan's shot over Ehlo with Johnny 'Red' Kerr's call. First just Jordan, then the Cavs-defenders and MJ, then Ehlo when they both jump, then the crowd and and Red screaming "THE BULLS WIN! ..."


2j said...

Does anyone know how to video edit?! DC and I would love to see the Paxson 3-for-the-3-peat play done like this. With each Bull getting added as the pass is made to them (Jordan, Pippen, Grant, Paxson ... then the celebration)


mike catron said...
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mike catron said...

hey fellas, just wondering what your take was on the latest Simmons rant. Actually has a bit of merit

"With a 12-man roster, you'd only need to train five or six guys to pull off that press. Let's say next season's Bulls trained the following five: Joakim Noah, Ty Thomas, Kirk Hinrich, Lindsey Hunter and Generic Athletic/Hungry Swingman X. They practice and practice until they become a well-oiled pressing machine. For the first five minutes of every second and fourth quarter, they unleash that killer press on their opponents … who, by the way, would be playing backups during that time, making it even more effective. Wouldn't that be an ENORMOUS advantage? Wouldn't that swing a few games? Wouldn't opponents dread playing them? Wouldn't opponents have to waste practice time preparing to break that press? Wouldn't it be even better at home with the Bulls flying around and their fans going bonkers? The key would be not putting "press miles" on your top guys and your wealthiest guys (who would never be totally invested because, again, they're really, really wealthy and don't need this crap). In this scenario, the Bulls wouldn't press with Rose, Deng, Brad Miller, Ben Gordon or even John Salmons if they could help it."

whole article pretty interesting -

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