Thursday, November 6, 2008


11/5 loss to cavs is a microcosm for where this season is headed.

the good:
rose had some great moments and hot stretches, he is clearly the best player we have already and no doubt the superstar we will build around.

tt and noah are ok up front, young and athletic. they are part of where we are headed, but need to work to keep up with rose so we all arrive at the same time. (they probably need more consistent tick to gain confidence and consistency)

the bad:
bg hit some shots and launched some dumb ones. he got his and it didnt help the team win

luol looks absolutely lost - like he thought his deal was going to make him the man, then along came rose and he doesnt know his place

we are not that good, just good enough to stay close and keep it somewhat interesting. we got down big, then came back - but did you ever think there was a chance we would win that game?

hoopsworld ROTY for week 1

Derrick Rose, CHI [2-3]: Derrick leads all rookies in scoring with better than 17 points per game, with a whopping 45.3% from the field. Not bad for a point guard. Consider that Chris Paul shoots 50.8% from the field and is the gold standard to which point guards in the league are measured, The Chicago Kid is not doing too bad in his first week. From the wins department the Bulls are 2-3, giving Derrick the best record among the top five rookie scorers in the league. There is very little question about Derrick's impact on his team: he has started all 5 games for the Bulls and has been the unquestioned floor leader, averaging 35.2 minutes per game, the second-most of any rookie.

blogabull after the cavs game - angry!

So instead of watching a real basketball team, you instead get a series of gimmicks. And while it's not fair to expect this team to know how to fit together yet, and the Bulls losing to the Cavs on the road is not unexpected, the gimmicks we've seen are obviously not a way to find something sustainable and successful.

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