Tuesday, November 25, 2008



George Karl summed it up best after Sunday's game when he said: "That Rose kid is going to be special."


"He's already really good, but he's going to be really awesome because he has something you can't teach and that's that speed," raved Billups. "Him being 6-foot-3 and strong and explosive as he is, he's going to be a special, special player for a lot of years."

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How good will Derrick Rose, OJ Mayo, and Beasley be? Is this years draft one of those once in a decade drafts like the '03 '84 '96?

Mike Moreau:
All talented enough to be All-Stars for sure, but all very young in their careers. Lots of potential pitfalls on the way to stardom, and character can derail even the most talented. None are Jordan or Hakeem, nor are they Kobe or Nash. All three could be all-stars for multiple years, and Mayo and The Beezer will put up numbers.

Is Derrick Rose a top ten PG in the league? He is putting the Bulls on his back and winning us games. We finally have a superstar in the making

Mike Moreau:
Yes. How many rookie point guards have ever been the best players on their teams? He is in an elite class, and could move toward the front row in the very near future. But, I think Rose has the best chance to lead a team to a championship and ultimately be a Hall of Famer.

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